How To SOAP Your Bible Study and Experience Jesus

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If you follow these instructions on how to SOAP Your Bible Study, you’ll be amazed how this simple method helps you to experience Jesus in a closer more dynamic way.

I floundered for years on how to study my Bible until I learned this easy-peasy method. If you are looking to go deeper with Jesus, you will love knowing how to SOAP your Bible study!

If you have between 5 and 30 minutes, you can do this!

Trust me, whatever your circumstances, “Yes, you can!”

How To SOAP Your Bible Study and Experience Jesus

How To SOAP Your Bible Study

Wouldn’t you love to experience Jesus in a closer and more dynamic way?

In my digital journaling workbooks available through my Store, I have included the SOAP method although I changed the categories to better fit Bible journaling. It really is the same simple method.

What I never thought to do is explain how to SOAP your Bible study to demonstrate and showcase what an extremely easy and effective way to go deeper into God’s Word.

SOAP is an acronym which stands for each piece of the day’s study session.

  • “S” stands for Scripture!
  • “O” stands for Observation!
  • “A” stands for Application!
  • “P” stands for Prayer!

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“S” Stands for Scripture!

It really helps me to slow down and think deeply about the chapter or verses I just read when I write them out. There is something significant and personal that happens in my heart as I form each word with my pen.

In fact, I experience Jesus in indescribable ways that no other method of Bible study has done for me.

If you struggle to remember what you read, you’ll find that it stays with you all day and if not, you can go back and see what you wrote.

“O” stands for Observation!

Have you ever skimmed through your Bible Reading Plan and been clueless as to what you just read? That’s me!

Observation motivates me to focus deeper on what I am reading because I know I am going to interact and record it on the page.

How my observation of a passage evolves depends on what kind of passage I read.

If it is about a story in the Old Testament or parable, I will simply recount the happenings.

If it is about a concept like ‘joy’, I might write down verses that support joy.

Another thing would be to write down cross-reference verses.

There is no right or wrong way for making an observation although I do try to be sure it is scripturally sound.

“A” stands for Application!

How is God speaking to your heart as you SOAP your Bible study?

This is where you listen for His voice to speak to you as you look at the passage and what you learned from digging into God’s Word.

God is a personal God and He wants you to experience His presence.

This is where you personalize your journey with Jesus and record how He is speaking to you.

It is so powerful to journal (write down) how you are experiencing Jesus as you SOAP your Bible study.

“P” stands for Prayer!

It is too easy to get carried away with SOAPing your Bible study as you use up the whole page for one category. I have done that many times as I continued to write in the ‘Prayer” area, neglecting to write out my prayer.

We are a generation of prayerlessness . . . or does each person struggle with that problem?!

Whatever the case, I want to encourage you to be sure to write out a short prayer each day. You will draw closer to Jesus through prayer!

If you don’t know how to pray, pray using a Bible verse such as from Philippians 1:1-11 and as God to teaches you how to pray.

Overcomplicating Your Bible Study

Spending longer than your day allows when you SOAP your Bible Study will cause you never to use this method again!

Overcomplicating such a simple method might make a good thing into something you never do again!

Keep it simple because it really is easy-peasy.

Decide on how long you have to spend on your passage and set a timer. If you’re not finished when it goes off, finish it the next day.


SOAP Using this Journaling Workbook!

Where are you going to record and start doing your SOAP Bible Study?

In a notebook or in one of the journaling workbooks available through my blog?

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Matthew 2:65-66

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