5 Ways to Go Deeper with God Through Bible Journaling

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5 Ways to Go Deeper with God through Bible Journaling

Journaling as part of your Quiet Time is an awesome way to go deeper with God. It can be a tool to help you experience a closer relationship with Jesus.

I am challenging you to Go Deeper with God using the 30-Day Bible Reading & Writing Challenge and this mini-series that I hope and pray will wholeheartedly bless you!!

Sharing about Bible journaling is one of the things I love to talk about most.

I have been recording my Quiet Time journey for at least fifteen years now. I am clueless about why I never started one sooner because I have been totally hooked.

I have used 3-ring binders, spiral notebooks, pretty composition notebooks and anything that would work.

I usually start a new journal each January as the new year begins.

When you start one isn’t as important as that you start one!

Are you ready?

Materials You Need for Bible Journaling

I often use the term ‘Bible Journaling’ to mean artwork in my Bible or a notebook. You might not be artistic. There are other ways of journaling by writing out verses or writing about how God spoke to you from His Word.

You will need to go shopping for journaling supplies or shop online.

    • Here are some Bibles that I love. You don’t have to buy a new Bible, but I have from time to time so I can underline all over again!!

If you are interested in looking for another version, click one of the Bibles below and it will take you to Amazon. Then search for Journaling Bible in your version. You help support my blog by shopping through my Amazon link (thanks so much.)

Clicking on the picture will take you to the product.

ESV Journaling Bible 

ESV Journaling Bible, Interleaved Edition

My Creative Bible KJV

    • Buy a journal: I love the pretty journals they have come out with lately. Even spiral notebooks can be so attractive these days.
    • You can copy Bible verses in these or write down notes or prayers.
    • I have each of these or have gifted them to friends or relatives.

  • Buy Colored Pens and Pencils: I love making my Bible journal attractive and colored pens can do just that.

  • Buy Twistables Crayons:  I love underlining with a colored pencil, colored ink, or an ordinary ballpoint pen. My favorite are these Twistable crayons for underlining. They leave a soft color and I can color code the passage I am reading in the Bible.

There are all kinds of supplies you could get for journaling but I really don’t see how it is necessary. If you but too much, most of the time you won’t have the time to use it all.

I would rather you got into God’s Word than make your journaling too complicated.

Why Would You Want to do Bible Journaling?

Just reading through a chapter without journaling does not always engage your mind and heart. I have been known to read and not even know what I just read!!

When I am looking for something to add to my journal, I tend to pay closer attention.

Writing in my Bible journal helps me to engage my heart as well as my mind.

We see the example in the Bible of the authors’ writing out the history of the nation of Israel or giving an account of the life of Jesus.

5 Ways to Go Deeper with God through Bible Journaling

There are all sorts of ways to journal as a way of going deeper with God. Journaling is a tool that helps give you clarity of mind as you record what you are learning from God each day.

Here are some ideas that will get you started in your journaling journey with Jesus!

  1. Bible Journaling diary-style. Each day put the date on the top of the page and use as many pages as you want. Write what God places on your heart that day.
  2. Write out Bible verses, whole chapters or whole books. Each day, copy out a Bible verse (or several) that spoke to your heart while you read the passage. Some people love writing out books like Philippians or Ephesians.
  3. Use a commentary to share about the passage. You might share what is happening in the passage you just read. Include an application and prayer about what you read.
  4. Drawing about the passage. You can draw in your journal or directly in your Bible. This isn’t something that everyone will want to do but I have enjoyed it when I have extra time. It slows me down as I meditate on the verse I have chosen to illustrate.
  5. Use one of my Journaling Workbooks. You might not know where to start in studying your Bible, yet would like to write your own thoughts. If that is the case, my journaling workbooks would be just the thing!

Those are just a few ideas to get you started. The possibilities are endless.

Have you found a Bible Journaling method that works for you? If so, what do you include in your journaling experience?

What other ways is can you go deeper with God?

Resources for Going Deeper with God

DOWNLOAD your FREE 30 Day Bible Reading & Writing Challenge HERE by clicking the link!

Going Deeper with God 30 Day Bible Reading & Writing Challenge



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