Jesus Journaling Workbook For Your Quiet Time

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Jesus Journaling Workbook for Your Quiet Time

You will love the Jesus Journaling Workbook for your Quiet Time! The beauty is that it will work with any devotional you are doing!

It will help you experience a closer walk with Jesus as you draw near to Him.

I have compiled other journaling workbooks that go along with a particular book or topical study.

This workbook is different because you can use it with any reading plan whether it is from my blog or another source.

Why A Binder Is Better!

I love using pretty journals but by far my favorite is putting together my own binder.

  • It has more space!
  • I can add pages!
  • There is more room to doodle and draw!
  • I can keep the year’s Quiet Time journals in one binder!
  • It just works!

Why My Journaling Workbooks are Not on Amazon

I tried and ran into extremely complicated technical difficulties. Long story.

Anyhow, I decided to offer you these downloads for half the price it would have cost you on Amazon!!

A great reason to DOWNLOAD IT!!

About This Study Tool

Have you ever done a Bible study that expected you to find the exact words and phrases to write in the blanks?

My Grace Study workbooks are different!

In this journaling workbook, you are not expected to put a certain answer in the blank spot.

Blank spots are intimidating and don’t leave room for creativity and the Lord speaking to YOUR heart!

You will choose the Bible verses to write (copy) out where it says Scripture Journaling.

Next, you will see Journaling Happenings. You will write out ‘what happened’ in the verses or chapter and how it applies to your walk with Jesus.

I don’t leave you an overabundance of space to write because as busy moms, there is often just not enough time for a long Quiet Time. I would rather you spent a little time with Jesus than no time at all!

Then, there is Prayer Journaling where you may write out your prayer to God, your Father asking Him to help you apply what you read and studied.

A Peek Inside the Jesus Journaling Workbook

I am very excited to have this Journaling Workbook finally available! I have been working on this for at least a year.

I met up with delays when I was repeatedly out of town to help my Mother and Father. Meanwhile, I kept running into technical issues and had to compile the book about five times (literally).

God totally gets the glory that my Jesus Journaling Workbook is finally available for you to download.

These are the Daily Jesus Journaling worksheets. There are enough of these to last you two months. What could be more frustrating than to run out prematurely!!

These are the Journaling Art pages. There are enough for one each day. You will grow so much in Jesus as you doodle a verse or phrase because it will go down deep into your heart!

I am forever writing down prayer requests on whatever scrap of paper I can find! I made the Jesus Prayer Journaling printable so I would not go crazy trying to keep track of prayer needs. I am thrilled to be sharing it with you!

There are several of these Meditate & Memorize sheets that you can put on your fridge or in a frame. You will love them!

There is a letter from me to you, instructions on how to use the Jesus Journaling Workbook, and even Scripture Memory Verses included in what you will download. You will just love it!

What Are You Waiting For?

This is an opportunity that you won’t want to miss! I hope you will find this helpful as you experience Jesus in your Quiet Time. You will not regret having drawn closer to your Lord and Savior.

Besides downloading the Jesus Journaling Workbook, you will love getting your FREE Scripture Memory Cards when you subscribe to my newsletter.

I am frequently making more digital products for your Quiet Time and your home.

You will not want to miss hearing when a new one becomes available!

Besides, my newsletters have content that you will never find on my blog.

My newsletter is like having a friend arrive in your inbox!!

Click the image below to learn more about the Jesus Journaling Workbook!!

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