Doodle Journaling for the Artistically Challenged

Doodle Journaling is a great way to illustrate the passage you read in your Bible when you’re artistically challenged or short on time. I am going to show you the benefits and why you should try this fun way of Bible journaling.

One of the biggest concerns I hear when someone is a beginner Bible journaler is that they are artistically challenged and can’t draw, paint, and don’t have any artistic ability.




At least, that’s what I am told so very often.

That’s why I am going to share how you can doodle journal instead.

To tell you the truth, Bible journaling doesn’t require that you are artistic. It is a different kind of thing entirely.

It has to do with expressing your love for Jesus and what the verse or passage meant to you. It really doesn’t have to be ‘beautiful’ because it’s for God and not an art museum.

That’s why I thought up the term ‘doodle journaling’ instead of Bible journaling art. Doodle journaling gives the feel for what it really is supposed to be in the first place.


Doodle Journaling for the Artistically Challenged + Video


What is Doodle Journaling?


Doodle journaling sounds a whole lot more do-able doesn’t it?!

Doesn’t it sound like something you can do?

Are you artistically challenged?

I want to help you have the confidence that you can do this too!

When I started journaling, I hadn’t drawn or painted a thing since I was ten years old and younger.


Although you might think my ‘artwork’ is good, you and I both know that it would never belong in The Metropolitan Museum of Art!

As time goes on, I learn more about drawing and it’s gotten slightly better.

You can join my doodle journaling journey!

So, what is doodle journaling?

I have seen the word ‘doodling’ used occasionally but I’d like to give ‘doodle journaling’ a definition!

Doodle journaling is more casual.

Your drawings are raw and maybe hasn’t grown in ability since about third grade. And that’s OK!

It about using simple lettering of a Bible verse or two. Probably written or ‘lettered’ in your own handwriting.

It’s rough sketching or little pictures around the verse drawn or painted with little to no skill. It’s doodled as you meditate on the verse, deeply thinking through what God’s showing you.

It doesn’t have to be neatly drawn. In fact, it’s likely a little messy because that is the best you can do.

It didn’t take you much time. In fact, you don’t have much time on most days. You’re a busy mom!


Why Should You Try?


You might be wondering why you’re reading about Bible journaling when you’re just about sure you can’t do it!

I hope you stick it out because I am about to give you some reasons that might intrigue you.



How To Doodle Journal


The biggest thing that might be holding you back is feeling like you’re totally incapable of creating anything artistic. I know you can do this!

As soon as you get out of your head that you CAN’T DO THIS and change your mindset to thinking I CAN DO THIS you will be ready to give Bible journaling a try.


  • Just get started!
  • Get a notebook! A notebook is the best way to start. Don’t even try doodle journaling in your Bible. You’re probably terrified of messing your Bible anyhow.
  • Get a book on Hand Lettering and start tracing the alphabet in different fonts! Forget actually trying to change your handwriting. Trace the letters and then try out the cute embellishments with your own handwriting. Remember, the best font is YOUR OWN HANDWRITING!
  • Practice. Practice. Practice! Remember practice makes perfect.
  • Write out one or two Bible verses onto a page in your notebook!
  • Add doodles!


You can get ideas on Pinterest or from Jesus Journaling where ladies share their doodle journaling. You’ll love the community of other Christ-following women. The fellowship is especially sweet


Ideas for Doodle Journaling


Doodle Journaling for the Artistically Challenged

So that those who dwell at the ends of the earth are in awe at your signs.
You make the going out of the morning and the evening to shout for joy. Psalm 65:8


The ideas for doodle journaling are limitless.

The main thing to remember is keeping it simple and mostly to doodling.

The best idea is to write out one verse and do something simple like flowers or hearts around the edges.



Some ideas would be:


  • Flowers!
  • Hearts!
  • Arrows!
  • Lines!
  • Squiggles!
  • Stickers!
  • Stamp Art!
  • Using old cards to glue pictures around the verse!


This journal was done by my sweet friend, Julie Ellitson from England. She is a member of Jesus Journaling on Facebook and shared this beautiful journal which shows how you can be creative without being artistic or when you have only a little time available. She used a combination of stickers and art for the praying hands.


ulie Ellitson - Matthew 6-6

But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you. Matthew 6:6


Those are some ideas to get you started.

The thing is that I believe in you and know you can do this.

It’s NOT about art but about expressing your love and adoration to God your Father and His Son, Jesus.

If you want more ideas and tutorials to get you started, I have shared more over at Jesus Journaling on Facebook. You can also find more here on my blog. OR you can sign up for my weekly Bible Journaling Tips newsletter by filling out the form below:


Do you doodle journal? What thoughts and ideas do you have to share?


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