10 Ways for Moms to De-Stress and Unwind

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When you are a mom, it becomes so important to de-stress so you can show grace to your kids and enjoy the moment.

I know. I have 7 kids!

My biggest struggle as a mother was that I was too often short on grace. I wish I had someone who came alongside me with a bucket-full of encouragement.

That is what I hope to do for you through what I have been sharing with you recently.



Stress Creates the Need to De-Stress!


Stress can happen at breakfast time or while you are trying to get supper on the table for your family!

You spend the entire day answering the same identical questions as the day before and repeating the same set of instructions over and over.

Moms need a smartphone app that repeats instructions, corrections, and the answers to FAQs, right? Maybe there is already an app that does that!

With all the responsibilities that you have as a mom, it’s easy to desperately need ways to de-stress.

As much as I loved homeschooling our kids and having them home all day, all year, and all summer, they weren’t angels (and neither was I), and sometimes life just happened and got overwhelming.

I needed to de-stress but too often a few minutes in the bathroom was the only way!

I would end up in tears with all my kids around me because there wasn’t any spot in the house where there wasn’t someone occupying the space.

I just needed to chill and unwind.

I could feel the stress in my body and knew much of it was due to hormones.

Sometimes, you just need to find something that will bring similar results when you aren’t in the season where going to a coffee shop is feasible!

There were years and years when I just couldn’t get away but there were some things that I would do to chill, unwind, and de-stress.


10 Ways to De-Stress and Unwind


These may not all work for you but hopefully, you can find one or two that will help you de-stress when your tension rises.


  1. Unplug!! Unplug your computer, tablet, and smart-phone. Yes. Just do it.
  2. Exercise: workout for 15 minutes and do your favorite exercises. Do sit-ups. Take a walk. Jog. Stand on your head. Do planks!
  3. Read a book for 5 minutes even if you have to hide in the bathroom!
  4. Drink water. You might be dehydrated. Believe it or not, drinking adequate water clears and optimizes your thinking and de-stresses you!
  5. Read your Bible. This should have been the first thing on the list. Was it the first thing on your list today?
  6. Pray:  Fervent continual prayer will always help to calm whatever stress is causing you to stress!
  7. Call up a friend and interact with a real person. Better yet, invite her over!
  8. Clean your house or just wash a bathroom, kitchen floor, make your bed, vacuum, or tidy a closet. Movement when doing housework chore gets your blood flowing again and will help you unwind and de-stress!
  9. Set the timer for 15 minutes and just chill with a favorite thing to do. Have you ever tried Bible Journaling?
  10. Take a walk with your kids! Even if your kids were part of the issue, doing something fun with them will help you handle and diminish the stress your body and mind are feeling.


I hope these ideas get you thinking of other ways that you can handle the stress you are feeling.

I wish I had known to intentionally do these 10 things when I was over-the-top stressed when my kids were growing up!


Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. Proverbs 4:7


In what ways are you experiencing brain overload and what ideas can you add to de-stress? Or if you are past this season in life, how did you handle it when your kids were growing up?

Helpful Resources


Do you desperately NEED to DE-STRESS? This ‘Worry Printable Pack‘ will encourage you to de-stress as you learn to depend on God’s abiding-strength to live your mom-life.


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