How to Strategize Monday to Avoid Overwhelm

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How To Strategize Monday to Avoid Overwhelm


Overwhelm happens every Monday but you can avoid that feeling that everything needs to be done at once when you strategize. Here’s how to do the next thing!


Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, Colossians 3:23


For years, when Sunday night rolls around, yet again, I wonder how I am going to get all the things done on Monday.

I worked for 10 years after getting married and Mondays could never have been harder.

Don’t ask me how getting out of the daily routine for the weekend can make such a difference, but it does.

I worked for 5 years after having my first two children.

Then I quit my job and homeschooled our children, so I never had all day to clean and do laundry.

Now that our children are grown, my day is filled up with writing and my business.

There is never all day to clean and do laundry. Even now.


Which season are you living in?


Does this resonate with you?

I have read things on social media that make it sound like Mondays are a piece of cake. These ladies sound like they have it all together because they say how much they LOVE Monday!

Monday is the return to normalcy and routine.

But . . . I am a work in progress and Monday is still Monday! That is why I need to strategize Monday so that I kick overwhelm to the curb!

I’d love to see the laundry basket of the ladies who love Mondays. Are they caring for their house and making it a haven for their families?


1. You Might Still Have Overwhelm on Monday!


I hate to disappoint you but just because you are reading this doesn’t mean that the feeling of overwhelm will never plague you on Monday again!

There is no magic formula for this!

You might still have nagging thoughts of possible failure late Sunday night or early on Monday. It’s inevitable.

Having a strategy is key because even if you feel that nagging overwhelm, the strategy will help you do the next thing!

But there is a solution that you can work into your schedule and day no matter whether you work, have littles clinging to you, homeschool, or are an empty-nester who filled up your day with new responsibilities.

I’ve done all those things and even on the tough days where 4 or 5 loads of laundry was piled across the sofa. It was how I tackled the endless piles of laundry or dishes when life seemed to be turned upside down!

Just do the next thing!


Yes, it’s basically that simple. You CAN DO this!


2. Don’t Try to Get it ALL Done!


You will never get it all done.

At least most of us won’t.

There are fewer messes around our home because the toys were put away for the last time and the school books are no longer scattered across the kitchen table anymore.

BUT . . . I have a pile of clothes to be mended hidden in the closet that has been growing for months.

I have bags of stuff that haven’t made it to Goodwill yet!

I have stuff in the attic and here and there in the house left from years of raising kids.

I can’t get it all done but I can tackle one thing at a time.


When overwhelm rears it’s ugly head, spend only 15-minutes a day on a decluttering project.

Just do the next thing!


3. Clean Floors and Laundry!


To get my week and my Monday off to a great start, I focus . . . YES . . . I said FOCUS on two things.

FLOORS and . . .


I have tried all kinds of methods but what works best is to focus on getting the house back in shape after the weekend and doing it until it is DONE!

Once the house is vacuumed, bathrooms and floors washed, and laundry started, then I can get onto the other things.

When I homeschooled our children it meant that on Monday, we started school a little later in the morning.

Before I had children, that meant I cleaned when I got home from work before starting supper. I don’t know about you, but I got off at 3:30 pm and could do that.

Once I had kids, I started work at 3:15 pm in the afternoon and then later I worked the graveyard shift. I was able to get the housework done before leaving for work.

Working nights wasn’t easy on my body and I quit to be a fulltime mother. In quitting, I was totally trusting God to supply our needs but I would need to tell that story another day.


And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19


After trying different approaches it is easier to simply focus on getting the house back in order. That has been the most important thing in dealing with the Monday overwhelm!

One thing I have learned is not to try cleaning the whole house. I have a few things I do and that is it!

  • Clean bathrooms! (5 minutes)
  • Sweep kitchen floor!
  • Wash the kitchen floor!
  • Vacuum 1/2 the house! (Yes! Only 1/2!)
  • Laundry!



Oh yes, pick up the clutter and return it to where it belongs. That makes the house *look* cleaned.


4. Don’t Leave Out Jesus!


Straightening the house calls my name every Monday and dealing with overwhelm is a real thing.

It is easy to leave out Jesus and go on with my day each Monday.

What do you do?

It depends on what season you are in and what your responsibilities are in your life.

Taking time with Jesus is the most important thing and will help make everything fall into place.

Even taking 10 minutes with Jesus as you start your day can help give Him the control and defray overwhelm.

OR do your kids take naps? Can you read your Bible then?

Do you need some ideas for your morning (or afternoon) Quiet Time Routine?

Whatever you do, allow time in your routine for Jesus and you will feel less overwhelm!


Do you struggle to get it all together on Monday? What resonated the most with you?


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