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I am so excited to introduce the ‘Gladness in Jesus’ Bible study of the Book of John! I hope you will join me in this grace study over the next few weeks.

We are about to begin our study of John and I will be joining up with Good Morning Girls and Courtney Joseph.

The good thing is that although I will be sharing two FREE resources, you will also have additional resources that are available through Good Morning Girls (GMG).

Although GMG might be new to you, it is not new to me. I have been blogging for over seven years and have done most of the Bible studies that Courtney has made available to her readers.


Gladness in Jesus Bible Study of the Book of John

How ‘Gladness in Jesus’ in the Book of John Works


I will be leading the study in the Book of John here on my blog and will be sharing the posts in my two groups, Graced Imperfection and Jesus Journaling.

  • I will be writing about the Book of John on my blog and sharing it in my groups.
  • I will be illustrating the Book of John and sharing it in Jesus Journaling.
  • I encourage you to purchase the John Journal from GMG or download the FREE version below.
  • I will encourage interaction in both Facebook groups about what is being read and studied.
  • I encourage you to draw or paint about verses in the Book of John. This is not mandatory as you can simply enjoy what I share.

I have been reading through the Bible one chapter a day, five days a week since Courtney started her Bible Reading Plan.

This is a brilliant way of reading through the Bible.

Reading through the Bible in a year is a wonderful thing to do. Don’t get me wrong.

BUT . . .

For me, partway through the year, I am reading just to get it DONE!

That is why I love reading just ONE chapter a day, five days a week. It leaves room for catching up or taking it slow when necessary.


My Theme is ‘Gladness in Jesus’


I love giving my Grace Studies a name that reflects what the Lord is impressing on my heart. Gladness is what I am seeing in the Book of John.

My Resources for Gladness in Jesus Study

There are two resources that I am offering you for Gladness in Jesus Study in the Book of John.


Good Morning Girl’s Resources

The resources that I am showing you below link to Women Living Well which is home of Good Morning Girls.

There are OTHER resources available through Good Morning Girls that will help to equip you for your Study of John. You will find both GMG versions of the John Journal below:

  • Here is the free printable short version of the Book of John Journal for logging your SOAK study.   This is for those who are not purchasing the Paperback Journal.  This is not the same as the Paperback Journal – this eJournal has been created for low-cost printing on a home printer and does not include the Introduction to John, Verses of the Day or Reflection questions.


  • Journal to purchase for your sons and daughters!
  • Printable Bookmark
  • A Printable Bible Reading Plan of the whole Bible – available through GMG.


You may order the optional John Journal for purchase
exclusively John Journal

You will love this journal!!


This journal includes:

*  An introduction and background to the Book  of John
*  The Daily Reflection Question
*  The Verse of the Day
*  The Coloring Chart
*  An explanation of the SOAK Method
*  Blank pages for journaling daily


You Will Be Blessed through the Book of John!


There is so much included in the Book of John and although I read through it many times before, I am seeing so much more by studying one chapter at a time.

Here is a video where I share what to expect as we begin our study in John! You will be so blessed!


RESOURCES for the Book of John