Your morning routine is so important as it sets the tone for your day. If you Google morning routine, you will come up with all sorts of thoughts and lists that might not fit into the reality of your morning.

My purpose in having a morning routine is so I will be intentional in my daily Bible reading time with Jesus.

I can probably guess that is what you’d like too!

The thing is that even with the best ever Morning Routine, without spending time with Jesus, you might as well throw in the towel!

Even if your day runs smoothly and you are successful in whatever you do in life, without including Jesus in your morning routine, it won’t really matter at the end of the day.

What I mean is, it won’t matter at the end of your life when you stand before God and give an account for all that you did in your life if you left out Jesus.

So although I have a list of some specific things I need to get done at the beginning of each day,  my ultimate purpose is to start my day off with Jesus.


My Morning + Quiet Time Routine


My Alarm Goes Off!


I’d love to tell you that I get up at the crack of dawn every single morning but that was only when my life was filled with babies, toddlers and kids of all sorts of ages, two dogs, 50 rabbits, and 30 chickens.

My intentions are to get up very early but in reality that depends on when I went to bed.

Remember that I am sharing about my morning routine in order to inspire you but not to overwhelm you.


This is a routine and NOT a schedule!


What is important is what you do as you become aware of the new day while you are still snuggled under the covers.


  • Start by giving yourself grace!
  • Thank God for your new day!
  • Be grateful for 3 things!


Workout for God’s Glory!


I don’t have my Quiet Time first thing when I wake up. I’ve tried reading my Bible and praying first but I typically fall back to sleep!

That is why I workout, shower, and then have my Quiet Time.

I don’t know how it happened, but I woke up one day and I was not as young anymore.

The older I get, the more important it is for me to workout!


  • It gives me a steady level of energy that lasts all day!
  • I rarely have trouble sleeping at night!


I workout so the Lord will be able to use me. I don’t want to be used up so there is nothing to give!

The blessing is that I am enjoying more energy and feel better than when I was younger!


My Quiet Time Before Computer Time


Do you scroll your favorite social media platform before spending time with Jesus?

I am just going to check out this one thing on Facebook or listen to just one video.

Before I know it a half hour has disappeared into oblivion.

Time has a way of doing that!

That is why it is important to have your Quiet Time before connecting on social media.

You can get pulled in and before you know it, your relationship with the Lord is becoming luke-warm OR non-existent.


My Quiet Time Routine


The most important part of my morning routine is my Quiet Time.

When my kids were still at home, this happened as early as possible to be sure it happened.

My workout didn’t always happen but my time with Jesus almost always did.

Here are some tips that I include on most days:

  • Start with a short prayer asking God to speak to me!
  • Read a passage or chapter!
  • Write a couple of verses in my Journaling Notebook!
  • Write how the passage applies to me!
  • Read your Bible and pray. Read some more and pray. Repeat!
  • Draw about one verse if you have time!


John 1-1

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1-1



Some years I have read through the Bible in a year but I sense God’s presence more when I slow down and soak God’s Word into my heart.


My Morning Routine on a Good Morning!


My morning routine is NOT a schedule and neither do I always remember to do all the things.

That is why I have the list in my planner and on my tablet. Otherwise, I might forget to do something vital on my list!

The thing with a routine is that if you got up late, no worries!

You just do the things on the list starting when you woke up.

This is my routine but yours might be different. MIne has changed through the seasons of my life.


  1. Make Bed!
  2. Workout!
  3. Shower and Dress!
  4. Quiet Time!
  5. Check the calendar!
  6. Quick-Clean bathroom!
  7. Start Laundry!
  8. Thaw meat for supper!
  9. Take supplements!
  10. Walk Sunshine!


My Morning and Quiet Time Routine


That is my morning routine on a good morning.

Chances are that I digressed and went on a million rabbit trails. It is good to have a morning routine so that it keeps you focused on what is important to accomplish the first thing in your day.

Most importantly is to see your morning routine as a tool to get your day off to a great start with Jesus because each moment is so you can live for God’s glory.


What does your morning routine look like? Does it include time with Jesus?