Examples: How To Bible Journal When You Can’t Draw

Do you love looking at beautiful Bible journaling artwork but are afraid to try it yourself because you can’t draw?

To be perfectly honest with you, I think you CAN draw!

You can at least start doodling as a form of worship to God who created you to be creative.

Journaling Bibles are beautiful with space along the side of the text where you can take notes or draw.

If you haven’t drawn or colored since you were a child, drawing in your Bible can be daunting because it’s the precious Word of God.

I have experienced such blessings since I started Bible journaling. I had not drawn anything in years. Many years.

I want to share that blessing with you by showing how you can Bible journal when you can’t draw.

Yes, you can!!

Start Doodling in a Notebook!

That’s right! Start in a notebook and you will lose the fear of messing up in a journaling Bible.

In the last few months, I have been busy helping my young grandkids. I don’t have as much time for my art journaling so I have to be ultra-focused.

Keeping my journaling simple works best.

I found a teal spiral notebook at Walmart. Nothing fancy. It has been perfect.

Are you ready with your notebook?

The easiest way to get over your fear of putting something onto the first page is to copy a few verses that spoke to you from God’s Word. Then you won’t feel the need to draw on the whole page.

Scripture Writing is a beautiful way to internalize how God speaks to you.

After copying your verses, get some ideas from Pinterest to inspire you to illustrate the most important point of the verse.

Keep your drawing simple.

Don’t worry if you feel inadequate or feel that you can’t draw. It’s not about the art, it’s about the heart.

Just start drawing!

Examples of Notebook Drawings:

Here are some of my Scripture writing and illustrations. My hand-lettering is usually my own writing. You can see how I capitalize or use color to highlight keywords.

I probably was inspired by similar flowers I found on Pinterest. The flowers are not complex. I use Arteza Color Pencils and not paint. Crayons are a great place to start because you have more control than with a paintbrush.

On this page, I copied more verses over a couple of different days. I don’t always have time to draw and that’s alright. You might not either.

These flowers were outlined with only a ballpoint pen on one day and I came back and colored them another day.

You see, you don’t have to spend much time on your journaling art. Some days you may have more time than others.

These mountains are easy and you’ll find it easy to either trace over them or draw them freehand. They are just lines so you could use a ruler.

Let your imagination go as you add designs and color to your illustration. Allow the Lord to speak deeply to your heart as you draw.

As you copy your verse, the Words will sink into your heart as you internalize them. Listen to the Lord as He speaks to you.

Get inspired with the colorful, yet simple example of journaling.

The flowers are super simple and you totally can do them!

Don’t forget, you can trace them!

Adult Coloring Books with Bible Verses

If creating your own journals in a spiral notebook feels too complicated for you, try coloring in a faith-based adult coloring book like the two below.

When I’m tired, just chilling with my Arteza Colored Pencils and coloring these gorgeous designs is the most relaxing way to spend an evening.

You’ll even up-level your creativity and learn to draw. You can color in the lines or trace parts of these pictures into your notebook.

I love the Psalms of Peace and Hope A Coloring Book of Faithful Expression for both coloring and getting inspiration to create my own illustrations.

If drawing in a notebook is terrifying, coloring in a Christian adult coloring book is ideal.

It’s a great place to start!!

You can color on the pages and reflect on the verse as you draw closer to Jesus. This is so relaxing and de-stressing. It’s a fabulous way of learning to lean on the Lord in whatever trials you’re going through.

As you gain more confidence in the drawing skills God has given you (and YES, He has given you the ability and skills to draw) you can try tracing into your notebook.

If you do this almost every day, you’ll see your ability start to increase along with your faith as you meditate on Scripture.

Psalms of Peace and Hope A Coloring Book of Faithful Expression

There are quite a few adult coloring books, like “How Great Thou Art” that have beautiful designs around a Bible verse or hymns. This is a great place to start because you can get so many ideas from the pictures to implement when you are ready to branch out.

How Great Thou Art Coloring Book


Examples of Journaling in a Notebook

You might not have the money to purchase a Journaling Bible or you might not be ready to color in a Bible.

That’s why a simple notebook or faith-based adult coloring book is a great place to start.

I hope you step out of your comfort zone and start Jesus Journaling today!

What Do You Have to Lose?

Have you started Bible journaling? If so, what do you love most about it?

Journaling Through Psalms using the Bible Reading Plan of your choice.

Read through Psalms at your pace using one of the three plans that suit you best. You’ll love the printables to help you draw closer to Jesus.

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