Examples of How To Bible Journal when You Can’t Draw

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Do you love looking at beautiful Bible journaling artwork but are afraid to try it yourself because you can’t draw? Or so you think.

Journaling Bibles are beautiful with space along the side of the text where you can take notes or draw.

If you haven’t drawn or colored since you were a child, the thought of drawing in your Bible can be daunting. It is the Word of God and is so precious.

I have experienced such blessings since I started doing journaling art in my Bible. I had not drawn anything in years. Many years.

I want to share that blessing with you by showing how you can Bible journal when you can’t draw!

Yes, you can!!

Examples of Coloring in an Illustrated Bible

When you don’t have the confidence or the ability to create beautiful artwork like you see on Pinterest or our Jesus Journaling group on Facebook, an illustrated Journaling Bible is the way to go.

These Bibles are beautiful with illustrations that you can color on many of the pages.

Coloring in the lines as a beginner in journaling art will develop your hand muscles and skill. It is relaxing and will help you reflect on the passage you just read in your Bible.

Katherine Blake is a new member of Jesus Journaling and she shared these awesome examples. She colored in the lines and added some stickers. She did a beautiful job!

Below are three examples from Katherine.

I am so in love with this Bible Journaling!! ❤️

Here are a few pages I’ve done so far. I’m not much into drawing, so I’m mainly just coloring the pages or using scrapbook stickers at this point. So I’m starting out simple, but it’s so much fun!!! ?




An Adult Coloring Book with Bible Verses and Hymns

This is a great place to start!!

Maybe you’d rather not start your journaling art journey using a Bible. Most of the illustrated Bibles also have blank pages for you to take notes or create your own designs. You just might not be ready.

There are quite a few adult coloring books, like “How Great Thou Art” that have beautiful designs around a Bible verse or hymns. This is a great place to start because you can get so many ideas from the pictures to implement when you are ready to branch out.


Examples of Journaling in a Notebook

You might not have the money to purchase a Bible or one of the coloring books but you can always start with a notebook. Creating pretty pictures and designs in your notebook causes you to slow down and meditate on the verses you read in your Quiet Time.

Here are some beautiful examples from Andrea Downs. She just recently started Bible journaling and has shared these pictures over at Jesus Journaling. I hope this will bless you and show you how you can do this too!!

What Do You Have to Lose?

Have you started Bible journaling? If so, what do you love most about it?

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