6 Tips To Make A Daily Bible Reading Habit

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Do you struggle to make daily Bible reading a habit? I know because this was my problem for too many years. When I started setting regular routines in place, I became more faithful in reading my Bible.

It wasn’t so long ago that I had seven young children. Five of them were between 6 years old to a newborn. As you can imagine, reading my Bible was a challenge!

There were times when life was a blur and looking back, I’m not sure that I read my Bible much during that season.


Tips To Make A Daily Bible Reading Habit


But . . . Life was like an anvil that taught me many things through my imperfection.

Hopefully, you’ll do better than me and won’t fail as often as I did. Besides, I always wanted to encourage younger women.

Although, you might be my age or older.

And sometimes younger women teach me a whole lot!

Either way, what I love is that YOU, my reader, are learning from me and turning around and teaching another woman. I am continually blessed by the wisdom of the ladies who leave me a comment. I am learning from you too!

Like I said, I’d love to share tips with you on how to make daily Bible reading a habit. If I can encourage and equip you to walk closer with Jesus through what I’m sharing with you today, my heart will be blessed!

Stick with me and then share a tip of yours in the comment section!


Tips To Make Daily Bible Reading A Habit


James 4-15-17


If you are failing at having a daily Bible reading habit, you are in the right place.

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t messed up on having their Quiet Time at some point in their life. Me included!

As you sit down for your daily Bible reading, pray that you will hunger after God’s Word!

The best way to allow the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart is to read consistently through the whole Bible or New Testament or to study through a certain book you choose.


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You will experience Jesus as you Make A Daily Bible Reading Habit!


Track Your Daily Progress


It is encouraging to track your Bible reading because if you are like me, you probably will forget where you read in the Bible. When you track your reading, it is easy to see how far you have gone in your plan.


  • You can use a Bible Reading Plan that has the Old and New Testament on one page with boxes to check-off the chapters completed. I love doing this but have forgotten to do it in a while.
  • Another way you can track your reading is to write in your journal what you read for that day and date it.
  • You can also check off and date in the table of contents in the front of your Bible.


Can you think of another way to track the progress you are making in your reading plan?


6 Great Bible Reading Habits!


  1. Pick A Time! If you randomly choose a time each day, you are likely not to find a time. I know for me, once my day gets going it likely will not happen. This was particularly true when I was raising our kids. I had to have my Quiet Time before they got up or it was impossible. Depending on what works for you, either make a schedule or a routine. I am notorious for NOT being able to keep to a schedule. I try. What works best for me is a routine. I keep time in mind but follow the order of when I do things. So pick which slot in that your daily Bible reading will happen. It might be as soon as you get up but for me, it is after I workout.
  2. Pick A Plan! What I mean by ‘Plan’ is whether you will let your Bible fall open to wherever (never a good idea) or you will read a certain book, read through the whole Bible or New Testament. There are great tools available for tracking your progress and it gives a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. It is so much better to have a consistent reading plan because you will get a stronger more balanced spiritual growth than through skipping around.
  3. Pick A Place! Have you ever wasted time searching for your Bible and run out of time because the baby woke up? I’ve been there! Once I discovered the benefits of having a spot to read my Bible things worked so much smoother. You might have a desk, a special chair, or if that is not available, maybe a Journaling Basket for your Quiet Time will work best. Over the years, I have read my Bible at a desk in the laundry room, the kitchen table, the sofa, and eventually, when the kids were old enough I was able to stay in my bedroom with the door closed!
  4. Pick Something That Helps! Do you not always understand what you are reading? Pick something that helps you grow in wisdom and understanding like the MacArthur Study Bible or the online (FREE) Matthew Henry Commentary, or search a website that you know is has a Biblically solid foundation.
  5. Pick A Friend! Do you have a friend who you can share accountability with? It is a wonderful thing to share what you are reading and studying in the Bible with a friend. You can also share prayer requests with each other. I have a friend who exchanges texts with me and we get together at a coffee shop every now and then. You can make an online friend who you’ve never met in person when you don’t have any local connections.
  6. Pick A Place to Share! We have a Facebook group connected with His Unmeasured Grace where we share creative Bible journaling art with each other. It is a wonderful way of expressing what we have read in the Bible and the fellowship in the group will encourage you to grow in Christ. The purpose of a daily Bible reading habit is so our lives are transformed more and more into the image of Jesus. When we see how we are daily changing into His likeness we are compelled to keep reading and growing.


I know it is sometimes a challenge and there are days when you might be so stressed. Time is limited and there is so much to do as a mom that it is easy to neglect your getting into God’s word and establish a daily habit.

But . . .

It is so worth it when you start growing closer to Jesus and learning to experience His presence with you. He understands you better than your closest friend, can comfort you when things go wrong between you and your husband.

He can give you wisdom dealing with your children and even give you grace in the fails of mom-life.

All in all, Jesus cares and wants you to cast all your anxiety on Him.

Have you found this helpful and encouraging to establish a daily Bible reading habit? Do you struggle to balance your responsibilities so you have time for Jesus?


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