Journaling Through James: Grace in the Fails of Mom-Life

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Journaling Through James Grace in the Fails of Mom-Life

Journaling Through James is the perfect Bible study to help give you grace in the fails of mom-life. Your fails will be turned to blessings as you start soaking in the book of James. This is a powerful book that will take your walk with Jesus to a new level as it encourages you to dig deeper into God’s Word.

James is a life-changing book. Have you ever studied it before?

Whether you have read through James many times, just once, or this is the first time, maybe you have never done a Bible study the way we are going to do this one!

If you are discouraged in how your mom-life is playing out, this will build you up and prepare you to live more fully for Jesus. After all, isn’t that what you really want most?

I am not going to just give you a blank page to fill out questions or journal on your own. I am going to do a little of both and also teach you some things I am learning.

Yes. I am learning to study the Bible along with you.

We’re IN this thing together!

That being said . . . 

I am so thankful that you have decided to journal through the book of James with me!! I have personally learned so much through this study and am excited about sharing it with you.

My prayer for you is that this study will bless you beyond your wildest dreams and draw you closer to Jesus.

Before we get started, I wanted to include some instructions so that you will know what to expect. I will be including:

You can create your own journaling notebook using a 3-ring binder, spiral notebook, or use the Journaling Through James Workbook.

You will find this study will empower you to walk with Christ before you kids in a manner that is glorifying to God. This is so ‘key’ to everything going smoothly in your home and making the craziness of mom-life to be just a little better.

How To Journal Through James

First off, don’t try to DO all these things in one day!!

If you do, you will be overwhelmed by spending around two hours on this study. If you are like me, you are a mom and I would rather see you get into God’s Word each day than getting caught into a guilt-trip and abandoning your time with the Lord.

If you are like me, you are a mom and I would rather see you get into God’s Word each day than getting caught into a guilt-trip and abandoning your time with the Lord.

You are the one who will pace yourself as you Journal through James.

Take the time to really get into God’s Word and camp out in these verses for the week.

Take the time to journal about God’s Word and seek His heart!!

  1. Read what I have shared.
  2. Read the passage.
  3. Underline the passage with Twistable Crayons.
  4. Express your worship and praise to the Lord by sharing your journaling journey in our Facebook group, Jesus Journaling.
  5. Do the daily “Journaling Through James” workbook page for each day of the month (optional).
  6. Pray about what the Lord showed you each day.

I hope and pray that this will be a Bible study that will bless your soul as you grow closer to Christ.

Let’s enter 2020 spending time with Jesus who will help you turn your mom-life into a blessing for Him. That is far better than neglecting time with our precious Savior!

Have you ever slowed down to study the book of James before? I am not talking about reading it but taking it in slowly!

Get your Journaling Through James Workbook by Judith Kowles and give yourself grace in the fails of mom-life!

Journaling Through James

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