4 Steps to Getting Up Earlier

4 Steps to Getting Up Earlier

Whether you enjoy getting up earlier than your family or just need to get back into the habit, there are benefits to becoming an early riser.

It is hard to stay disciplined and be intentionally consistent.

When the alarm goes off in the winter, I want to snuggle down deeper under the covers.

In the summer, my routine changes and yet it’s still easy to sleep a little longer.

I need to become an early riser again and I thought maybe you’d like to join me!

As long as I am still in bed, I forget the urgency of anything I need to do that day. It is all about procrastination.

Your kids don’t have any particular agenda and will help you procrastinate. Have you ever noticed that?! They could care less if their chores don’t get done today or ever!!

Benefits of Getting Up Earlier

Getting up an hour late can mean you miss the benefits of being an earlier riser. Here are some examples of what you’ll miss:

  • The birds singing!
  • Watching the sunrise!
  • Experiencing the quiet of the early morning!
  • Meditating on God’s Word!
  • Reading a book for 15-30 minutes!
  • Working on a writing project! (like I am doing right now)
  • Doing a workout, going for a walk, or early morning run!
  • Picking up the hot-spots in your house! (how does this happen overnight?)
  • Be up and dressed before the rest of the house is up!
  • Have a cup of coffee, tea, or your health shake before sunrise!

Now, you’ll not be able to do all those things because there just isn’t time. Give yourself grace!

Intentionality the Night Before

I can get up early about three days in a row and then I bomb out unless I switch up my biological clock by going to bed earlier. Otherwise, it will be hit-or-miss.

Things to Do the Night Before

Here are some things to do each night to make getting up earlier easier.

  • Put my cell phone ALWAYS on my bed-stand and SET the alarm!
  • Another idea is to put your phone on the other side of the room so you have to get out of bed when the alarm goes off!

4 Steps To Getting Up Earlier

  1. Go to bed earlier!! Determine how much sleep you need and count backward until you find your bedtime. If you still can’t get up, go to bed even earlier. Keep in mind that it might take time to switch your internal clock.
  2. Make yourself get out of bed!! When that alarm goes off, DO NOT continue to lay in bed rationalizing that you need another ten minutes to sleep or that you are praying. GET OUT of bed!!
  3. Have purpose in your life and a reason to get up. Otherwise, you will not have a reason to get up and rising earlier will be negotiable.

  4. Place value on QUIET early mornings enough that you will be motivated to become an earlier riser.

I Need Alone Time

I don’t know about you, but I need alone time to refuel for my new day. Chances are, you have the same needs.

It was just a few short years ago that my 7 children were 11 and under. My days were stressful when I didn’t get going and spend time with Jesus.

Personally, I absolutely needed to recharge. Spending time with Jesus was a priority in order for my day to go relatively smoothly.

Are you love getting up earlier or do you burn the candle at both ends?

A couple of years ago I took the course, Make Over Your Mornings by Crystal PaineMake Over Your Mornings by Crystal Paine. I highly recommend that you take it too if you could use a better routine to start your day.

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