7 Easy Places To Have A Better Quiet Time

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Do you want to have a better quiet time? If you want to actually enjoy your time with Jesus, these 7 easy places might help you to enter into His presence.

When it comes to spending meaningful time with Jesus, mom-life has its challenges whether your kids are littles or half-grown.  Even though my kids are grown and have kids of their own, my time is not necessarily my own and it helps to be intentional about my Quiet Time.

I easily get distracted by cleaning or laundry that needs to be started. If I take too long to check my Facebook group or chatting with a friend, I might have to walk my dog before spending time with Jesus and my Bible.

Although you can read your Bible and pray anywhere, there are good reasons why it’s beneficial to have a special place to have a better quiet time.

I have found that it’s easier to get into God’s presence when I meet with Him in the same place every single day.

That place has changed during the different seasons of my mom-life. Responsibilities shift and change as your children grow up.

It has helped to have a morning and Quiet Time routine.

One huge reason to have your Quiet Time in the same place each day is so you don’t spend fifteen minutes or longer locating your Bible, notebook, pens, and a cozy blanket. If you think this wouldn’t take that long, think of the time when you didn’t remember where you read your Bible last!


7 Easy Places to Have a Better Quiet Time


7 Easy Places To Have A Better Quiet Time


You don’t have to have a special room or place to have your Quiet Time and it sure doesn’t have to be private.

There are reasons and seasons in life where getting totally alone would work the best. Your house might not be big enough for that or you might not have the extra space during this season of your life.

You can make a corner into a place for a better Quiet Time or try one of the ideas below.


1. Your Family Room


Your family room or living room might be an easy place to have a better Quiet Time when your kids are little.

Moms just can ignore her kids or that breakfast needs to be made on time. As a mom, you have a unique calling on your life that can’t be ignored.

Even though you might love to get alone for an hour, that is likely NOT a reality for you while your kids are growing up. You need to be available or have your kids visible to your eyes.

Yet, there are solutions and reasons why having your Quiet Time in the middle of all the action will have eternal rewards.

That’s why my family room was my go-to place for my Quiet Time when my kids were little.

We had a long pit sofa and I sat where I could see into the girls’ room, and see up the stairs for when the boys would come down looking for me.

I had a few minutes of quiet before my kids started waking up. When my youngest was six, I would read the Bible to him for a few minutes. It kept a calm on our house for a few extra minutes while instilling God’s Word into His heart.

You can keep your Bible, notebook, and pen in a basket so it’s easy to find each morning.


2. Your Kitchen Table


How To Make a Bible Journaling Basket for Your Quiet Time


Do you have a hutch or a counter in your kitchen where you can put your Quiet Time basket?

  • A basket with your Bibles and supplies!
  • A Mason jar for pens and crayons!
  • A warm cozy blanket!
  • A scented candle!
  • A coaster for your hot drink!
  • A framed Bible verse!
  • Or a shelf for your Bible and supplies!

How many times did I think reading my Bible would work while making breakfast?! That’s like a black hole that keeps you spinning. Reading your Bible will only work on days that Baked Oatmeal goes in the oven!

But . . . my kitchen table was my favorite go-to easy place to read my Bible for quite a few years.

I just had to be intentional and be in the kitchen before breakfast and ideally while the kids were still sleeping. The time before the kids wake up is golden. It feels amazing because the house is still so quiet. Meeting with Jesus while it is still dark is when my heart is most open and vulnerable to the Holy Spirit.

The downside of meeting with Jesus at the kitchen table is that it has to be cleared before breakfast. You probably can’t leave your Bible and supplies on the table. You might have a hutch like I do or a shelf where you can leave your Quiet Time Basket for the next day.

I can’t tell you how much time you’ll save by not having to find your Bible each day.


3. Your Walk-in Closet


When my kids were teenagers, I discovered that I sometimes needed a place to retreat from the noise and spend time with Jesus. I have a 6-foot deep walk-in closet and it was easy to make a place on a shelf for my Quiet Time supplies. I made it pretty with my Bible and a few books and a notebook that might be needed.

I considered putting a small table in the closet so I could sit and study. Pinterest has all sorts of ideas for a place like this.

But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly. Matthew 6:6

My closet was a good place to cry out to God where it was unlikely that others in my family would hear me. It was such a private place when I needed that the most.


4. Your Bathroom


When you are stressed by the chaos of your mom-life and there is simply nowhere to get alone, your bathroom is that place where you can be sure privacy will reign. You might have tiny fingers sticking under the door but that will tell you where they are and that they are safe.

When I used to visit a friend when I only had one baby, she left such a wonderful impression on my young heart. There was a stool next to the toilet with her opened Bible on the stool.

She must have retreated to her bathroom when life got crazy. It was also a testimony to her kids and the friends who came over.

When your kids are little, you might not have time to study your Bible. You might only have time for reading and praying. What could be better than that?!


5. Your Special Chair


We had our twin granddaughters living with us for their first 18 months. I would sit up with both of them in my arms as I fed them in the middle of the night.

It took between 1 1/2 to 2 hours to feed and change them. Getting up to read my Bible was often not possible.

I have a glider-rocker where I sat with them during the night. On the ottoman was my laptop opened to the Bible where I could see it. Being that I was feeding two babies, it would have been nearly impossible to also hold my Bible.


 Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee. Psalm 119:11


But maybe you have a special chair with your Bible and supplies in a basket next to the chair?

It helps our heart and mind to return to a habitual place each day to have our Quiet Time. The habit of meeting in the same place helps us to shut out distractions.

Do you have a special chair to meet with Jesus for your Quiet Time?


6. Your Desk


Tutorial on Using a Cross for Bible Journaling


Do you have a desk that could be used for your Quiet Time? Once I was beyond diapers and all the kids were being homeschooled, my desk became the place where I would read my Bible.

The best situation is to have an extra table or desk that can be used only for having a better Quiet Time. Since that isn’t always possible, you can make it work even when you other things you use for your desk.

The kids grow up and their rooms and furniture they might have left behind can be repurposed.

For a while, I had a table in my bedroom. That was a very special place to have a better Quiet Time.

What is most important is to realize that there are LOTS of ideas and solutions for having a better Quiet Time. One solution isn’t better than another. One might be better for one season of your life while another might work when the kids are older.

What can you do to help you to turn your focus onto Jesus?

What can you do to make it pretty?

How can you gather your supplies ahead of time so you aren’t searching for them instead of having your Quiet Time?

7. A Retreat by Yourself For A Better Quiet Time


The most ideal and easy way to have an amazing time with Jesus is to go on a retreat by yourself.

This might be for a day retreat with other women with teaching and time alone to reflect.

Sometimes I would drive down to the river and spend some time alone with my Bible. It would help me de-stress and re-group so that I was ready to spend more time with my kids.

Talk to your husband if your kids are little and see what your husband can workout with you!




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