How To Make A Bible Journaling Basket for Your Quiet Time

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How To Make a Bible Journaling Basket for Your Quiet Time

You know it’s time to get up because the sound of your cell phone seems to be piercing the darkness. You want to read your Bible but you don’t know where it is and your markers and pens must have wandered into one of your kid’s rooms. If only you had your Quiet Time supplies all in one place!

I have just the solution for you!

A Bible journaling basket for your Quiet Time!

You might even offer your child a reward if your pens are returned, right?

Sometimes I have had a special space for my Quiet Time and in other seasons that hasn’t been possible.

Here’s the thing . . . even when I have that special place to meet with Jesus . . .

My Bible or my favorite pen or gel pen comes up missing.

When you have to go on a hunt for your favorite Bible (since most of us are blessed with more than one) it is easy to get discouraged or distracted and go on to something else.

Like washing the dishes that appeared in the sink overnight!

Or by the time you wasted 15 minutes looking for your Bible, the kids are up.

And in case you don’t think it is possible that your Bible is somewhere else, come to my house! I love taking my current favorite Bible to my bedside table, the kitchen or um . . . the bathroom.

That is why I came up with the amazing idea of having a journaling Bible basket!

How To Make a Bible Journaling Basket for Your Quiet Time

Besides, I love to do creative journaling art and there is nothing worse than having everything scattered all over the house. When it is all in one basket, it makes so much sense and makes life easier!

How To Make a Bible Journaling Basket

I am really stoked (that tells you I am beyond excited) about my basket idea!

The neat thing is that I went looking around the house and looked in closets and up in the attic for one. I found one that was being used for something else and repurposed it.

So, even though I am sharing some similar ideas from Amazon (my favorite place to shop) you can save yourself a bunch of money and use what you already have.

I found this big rectangle basket that I bought at Target. I also have an oval basket but to tell you the truth, I think the rectangle one fits the Bible perfectly.

What do you think?

All you have to do is collect your Bibles and supplies that you already have in your home and fill the basket. You will probably fill it up in no time!

What I Have in My Bible Journaling Basket

How To Make a Bible Journaling Basket for Your Quiet Time


I love comparing different Bibles because the different words used in various versions often give clarity to what I was having trouble understanding.

KJV Journaling Bible from Bourbon

Thrive Bible (NLT)

NKJV Journaling Bible

Then, I have Bible study tools that help me to rightly divide the truth.

Matthew Henry Commentary

Naves Topical Bible

 ‘Be Still’ Inspirational Adult Coloring Book Featuring Psalms

A spiral notebook where I record those I am praying for and sometimes my prayers. Click the spiral notebook below and find many more selections!

Then I have ‘Fervent’ by Priscilla Shirer so that I remember to read it.

To organize some of my journaling art supplies, I have:

  • Mason Jars with Crayola Twistables (which I love for coloring in verses I am highlighting)
  • Gel Pens
  • Micron Pens
  • And automatic pencils

Because my Bible journaling basket is a bit large, it is not easy to carry around the house. That helps me to keep it in one place and then it is always easy to find in the morning!

Do you have trouble finding your Quiet Time supplies? You will love putting together a Bible journaling basket to keep everything in one place!

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  1. I have used to say idea for my every day at Bible time last few years it’s affectively working and you don’t have to stress about where your items are.

  2. what about transferring your Bible to and from church? I have a basket on my night stand with my bible and quiet time things I like to do for myself and I’m still figuring out taking my bible in and out for church. so far I’ve remembered it, but I do try to simplify things in my life

    1. I don’t take my journaling Bible to church. You can have a special bag for church with another Bible for church. I see many of my friends using pretty bags for their Bible or anything they want while at church. I have a slightly smaller Bible for church. I love underlining verses my pastor references during his message. I keep a couple gel pens in my purse for underlining. I solve my problem of forgetting to bring my Bible by keeping it in our car.

    2. I keep a Bible for church in my car and that way I don’t forget it. I don’t take the Bible I journal in to church.

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