How To Memorize: 12 Scripture Memory Cards

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Are you so busy that it’s hard to memorize Scripture? To be honest, I struggle with this and that’s why I’m sharing my tips today as we make gratitude part of our journey through life.

If you think you NEED this, so do I!

I have often said that I am terrible at memorizing Scripture but if the truth be told, I think it has more to do with making the time than how my brain works!

Do You Make Time for Memorizing Scripture?

We all have the same 24 hours in a day and with those hours, we choose how we will spend them.

How often do minutes get frittered away?!

Are your kids little?

Even if they are teens or now are grown and out of your home, you still have the same amount of time each day.

If you have time to scroll through Facebook each day, I can assure you there is time for memorizing Scripture a little each day!

  • How about texting a friend?
  • Putting on mascara and eyeshadow?
  • Time spent reading in the bathroom (your kids don’t follow you there!)
  • Driving your car?
  • Reading your Bible? (maybe this should be first?)

If you have time for some of the things above, I will show you how you can find time for memorizing Scripture.

It really will be so much simpler when you have the 12 Scripture Memory Cards on Gratitude!!

How To Get the 12 Scripture Memory Cards on Gratitude

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Here are more Scripture Memory Cards that you can DOWNLOAD HERE on THIS PAGE

Memorize with 12 Scripture Memory Cards

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12 Scripture Memory Cards

These Scripture Memory Cards will help you memorize. These are ONLY available HERE!!

Once you have printed these cute Scripture Memory Cards, cut all 12 of them apart. They come on two sheets but you don’t want to keep them all together.

Remember the list of things that might be keeping you from having the time to memorize Scripture?

Here’s what you do.

  • Type out one verse in a text to a friend and commit to memorizing it with her!
  • Stick one of the verses on your bathroom mirror and memorize it while you are applying your mascara and eyeshadow!
  • When you are ‘stuck’ in the bathroom memorize a verse that you stuck near where you are sitting!
  • Stick another verse on the car dashboard. When you are driving, memorize the verse!
  • At the end of your Quiet Time, memorize a verse that you slipped in your Bible as a marker!

12 Scripture Memory Cards on Gratitude DOWNLOAD HERE!!

Maybe you should have your Quiet Time before doing all those other things. I know that sometimes that just isn’t possible because you have a baby and toddlers like I used to have. The important thing is that you spend some time with Jesus each day as best as possible.

That is why I stuck it at the end of the list because although you and I have good intentions, there are seasons in our lives when things just don’t work as planned.

The important thing is to include Jesus in your day every day!

I hope you are finding creative ways to include Jesus each day and memorizing Scripture is such an important part that I thought we should both do this together.

If you are a creative journalist, you might want to join Jesus Journaling which is on Facebook.

How are you planning on implementing my ideas and thoughts and what do you have to add?


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How To Memorize with 12 Scripture Memory Cards


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