5 Motivating Reasons to Grab onto God in Prayfulness

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5 Motivating Reasons to Grab onto god in Prayerfulness

Are you moving towards prayerfulness as you grab onto God? The best way is to just start praying frequently throughout your day and say, “Lord, teach me to pray!”

I shared my honest struggle with prayerlessness the other day and assumed that you have a similar dilemma in your prayer-life. It seems like the disciples struggled in the same way too.

Not that there is any excuse for a lack of enough prayer in your life (mine especially) because when we get a ‘D’ in prayer, we should just start praying again.

Grab onto God with Persistence

Is it your prayer that you will pray more and with more faithfulness and fervency?

I want with all my heart to be a warrior-woman in prayer for others as well as my own personal needs.

You too? let me know!

Prayer is a battlefield because first off, we tend to get distracted and maybe even drift off to sleep. That is especially true when your only prayers are lying prone in bed!

Have you ever read about the persistent widow in Luke 18:1-7? Just click the verses and read up on it!

She had such persistence that it wore down a judge who had no respect for either God or man.

She demonstrates the way we ought to pray:

She did not lose heart as she kept asking the unjust judge for mercy in supplying her needs.

  • Fervency!
  • Persistency!
  • Bothering prayer!
  • Continual coming!
  • Cry day and night!

We don’t know this widow’s exact circumstances but we know that she requested “Justice against my adversary.”

Because she kept coming to the unjust judge and bothering him with her persistence, we are taught a lesson in how to pray.

This judge tired of her and granted her wish based on his annoyance.

But . . .

God LOVES when we fervently persist in our continual coming to Him day and night with our requests. He is NEVER bothered when we grab onto Him with persistence!

Grapple and Wrestle with Prayerfulness

We have an example of how Jacob wrestled with God through the night in Genesis 32:22-32.

But Jacob said, “I will not let you go unless you bless me.” Exodus 32:26b

Prayer at its best is grappling and wrestling with God in a similar way that Jacob struggled with God.

True prayer isn’t mindlessly going through a list mentioning the names of each person for healing . . . although that has its place. Sometimes that is the only way we can mention every person.

Somehow though, I think we often pray these rote-like prayers most of the time. We don’t really get down on our knees (or proverbial knees) and ask God to teach us to pray with fervency.

We aren’t even persistent!

Grappling and wrestling give the picture of a boxing ring where the two contestants are grabbing and punching at each other.

It is a fight against Satan. You are IN the ring and the opponent is the Evil One that you are grappling against.

If you think of it that way and visualize it . . . you will learn to be persistent and pray for all you’re worth in total fervency because the Enemy is for REAL!

5 Motivating Reasons to Grab onto God in Prayerfulness

Each day you have so much on your plate. It’s our culture to be over-the-top-busy!

As you start each day, you have a desperate need to approach God and ask for your ‘Daily Bread’ for today.

You are likely going to be around other people. Some are grouchy (face it!) and situations (that always involve people in some way) will require your need to ask for wisdom in talking with people.

Here are five motivational reasons to ask God for at the start of each day:

  1. Purity of heart!
  2. Grace for each situation!
  3. Wisdom in speaking with people!
  4. Compassion for the people in your life!
  5. Protection from gossip (hearing or speaking gossip)!

When any of these things are missing from your life, you might find that something ends up misaligned in your heart, situation, words you say, with your relationship with people, and things slip from your lips or into your ears!

Praying for the needs of other people in your life is so important and never should be neglected. Sometimes I wonder how situations or choices people make could have been changed if Believers had been more faithful in their prayerfulness.

But do you pray about your own self?

Do you pray a surrendered prayer that allows God to change you on the inside to the outside?

It is too easy to neglect the needed work of the Holy Spirit in our lives because we are too busy and prayerlessness is a result!

I challenge you to ask the Lord, to teach you to pray so that prayerfulness becomes a daily habit as you draw closer to Jesus.

How has this blessed your life today? Has this motivated you to ask the Lord to teach you to pray?


Here are two books that have been a huge blessing in my life. They will help you go from prayerlessness to prayerfulness!

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