How To Use the Beautiful Jesus Journaling Workbook

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How To Use the Beautiful Jesus Journaling Workbook

I am excited to share about the beautiful Jesus Journaling Workbook that you can use with any Bible study! Whether you are following a study through your church, on the internet or doing your own study this resource was made with you in mind!

It comes with beautiful worksheets that can be used with the passage or verses of your choice.

You can even print it off over and over again as you start a new Bible study for your Quiet Time.

Most of the time, Quiet Time workbooks go along with a particular study and there is a real need for a workbook that will work for your exact needs.

This workbook will bless you over and over while it guides you through some simple areas to focus on while you read, meditate and talk with Jesus.

What couldn’t be better than that?

Taking a Peek Inside the Jesus Journaling Workbook

The Jesus Journaling Workbook inspires your creativity both as you write in your journal and draw about the verse that spoke to your heart.

There is a month’s worth of beautiful pages in this journal. You will just love it!!

Inside your Jesus Journaling Workbook, I give you instructions on how to use the pages.

You will learn how to read a passage of Scripture and apply it to your heart and life.

Daily Jesus Journaling Page

There are four designs for the Daily Jesus Journaling page so that you are kept inspired each day.

Scripture journaling is where you choose a verse or two that spoke to your heart and copy it out. You can copy it in the version of your choice and apply it to your life.

I have been writing Scripture verses out for years and find it a wonderful way of internalizing God’s Word in my heart.

When I home educated our children, I had them write out Bible verses at the beginning of each school day.


Journaling Happenings are your observation of what you read in the Bible. You can write out a summary of what occurred or your application to the passage.

The last section of this page is Prayer Journaling. I don’t pray enough, yet, it is integral to our time with the Lord. I like writing out a prayer as part of my Quiet Time because it is a record that shows what God has done!!

Journaling Art Page

Have you heard of Jesus Journaling? It is drawing, painting, or creating artwork that reflects a verse or phrase from what you read during your Quiet Time.

I have created these pages where you can color in the wreath and do your journaling art in the center. There are four designs in the Jesus Journaling Workbook that you will simply love!!

Jesus Prayer Journaling Page

I tend to never remember where I left my prayer journaling book.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to have your prayer lists kept in the same place with your Quiet Time resources?

That is why I included this page in the Jesus Journaling Workbook!!

I included all the important areas that we need to pray about: missionaries, my family, my friends, my church, government officials, and myself.

You will love this page!!

Scripture Memory Sheet Page

You have probably seen other Scripture Memory Cards available in a sheet with six verses. They are available in the Freebie Library when you subscribe to my newsletter.

This one comes with the Jesus Journaling Workbook!!

You will love printing the sheet and then cut the cards apart.

Place one on your fridge, another on your mirror or in your Bible to remind you to walk with your God throughout the day.

How to Get Your Copy of the Jesus Journaling Workbook

You will love this resource as it will teach you how to dig deeper into the Scriptures, bringing you into a closer walk with Jesus.

Learn more by reading Jesus Journaling Workbook for your Quiet Time.

DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY HERE and begin drawing closer to Jesus as you study God’s Word.


How To Use the Beautiful Jesus Journaling Workbook

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