Jesus Journaling Workbook

The Jesus Journaling Workbook (70+ pages) will encourage you to draw closer to Jesus as you study God’s Word using the S.O.A.P. Method and beautiful worksheets to interact with God. The beauty of this workbook is that it can be used with any Bible reading plan you choose.

There are enough worksheets for two months of Bible study. Each worksheet has a place to write out several Bible verses and record what God placed on your heart from your day’s Bible reading. You will find this workbook to be a treasure as you record your journey through life with Jesus.

You will be encouraged as you write out a few verses each day on the pretty worksheets. There is another worksheet that you are invited to try your hand at journaling art. You just might love it! Then there is a prayer worksheet where you can write out those you need to remember in prayer. You will be challenged to memorize using the Scripture Memory Sheets with six cards on each sheet.

When you are done with the Jesus Journaling workbook just print it off again. So easy!