Jesus Makes Grace Abound

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Have you ever read the story about the wedding in Cana where Jesus made grace abound?

The man in charge of the wedding didn’t get it right and they ran out of wine!

Have you ever had a major mom-fail where something totally didn’t come together? That is why I can relate to this story from the book of John, chapter 2.


When You Don't Get it Right

Book of John: Chapter 2


The wedding at Cana in Galilee was a huge ‘fail’ for the Master of Ceremonies when the wine ran out! This story in John 2 is a wonderful lesson of what can happen when you don’t get it right. It is in those moments Jesus can make everything work out, though it seems impossible by making grace abound.

We don’t know the details about this wedding as to who was getting married. Jesus was there with his 12 disciples along with Mary, his mother.

It was customary for the ‘good wine’ to be served first and wine of lesser quality was served last. The incredible thing was that the wine totally ran out. A huge embarrassment to those in charge of the wedding.


Have You Ever had a Personal Fail?


I have many times!

When my kids were growing up, I used to make a birthday cake from scratch for each one of their special days. For some reason (maybe because it was April 1st) my husband’s cake would often be a huge fail!


When You Don't Get it Right

Of course, I don’t have a picture of one of those fails! 


It would taste great but for some reason, it would be a visual disaster!

I would often start from scratch and make it over.

If it were salvageable, I would hold it together with toothpicks and pack the gaping hole with tons of homemade icing as a cover-up.


Jesus Makes it Right


When You Don't Get it Right

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This beginning of signs Jesus did in Cana of Galilee, and manifested His glo

ry; and His disciples believed in Him. John 2:11


We have no idea why the wine ran out that day. It could have been because they ran out of resources or simply an error in ordering enough wine.

It really doesn’t matter and in not knowing, it is easier for us to identify our situation with how Jesus worked out the details at that wedding more than two thousand years ago.

What the guests didn’t realize is that the Lord of Hosts was present at the wedding.

Mary knew!

She was aware that Jesus was God veiled in flesh. She knew He could provide making all grace abound so that there would be all-sufficiency (2 Corinthians 9:8) to meet the need.

Jesus’ love for the foolish-failing-sinful people whom He created was made known.


When You Fail, Jesus is Able to Make Grace Abound


I always tried to make the perfect cake and I was determined to make it from scratch.

I think most women are obsessed with perfection and don’t give ourselves much grace.

When something we do fails, we are hard on ourselves and try to find our way out of the problem.

When Jesus created more wine at the wedding he didn’t point his finger at the man responsible for the problem. He willingly made a way where there was no way!

That’s my Jesus!

At that wedding, those guests drank the best wine ever created by the creator of wine Himself!

Jesus is like the toothpicks and frosting holding my cake together perfectly. Only, my cake looked like the top was sliding off onto the plate. Crumbs of cake were stuck to the icing. It was a mess!

Jesus puts your fails back together perfectly on the outside and inside.

When you run out of wine, and your situation falls apart, and when you fail in some way, Jesus your Lord, your Groom, the Master of the Great Wedding feast is able to make grace abound to you.


Trust Jesus in Your Insufficiency


When you fail in your insufficiency today and you lack wisdom or the power, resources, or fail to obey God’s law, or fail to love God with all of your heart, you don’t need to fear.

God wants to meet you by providing all your needs in the most remarkable way.

He wants you to rely on Him to provide and give you infinite power and wisdom for the situation you are going through.

Jesus loves you infinitely in your insufficiency.

He wants to “able to make all grace abound to you so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times you may abound in every good work” (2 Corinthians 9:8).

Trust Jesus to provide you with grace abounding and know that He will never forsake you.


What example can you share that shows how you can’t patch things together as well as what God can do.




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