How To Get Your Focus Off this World

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When you get your focus off this world, it is like walking down the road on stilts and falling because your eyes stray to the crowd. You are no longer keeping your eyes on Jesus!

There are 3 important guideposts on your path that will keep your focus off the world and all its lures. If you have ever faltered like someone walking on stilts, focusing on these three things will keep you on track.

1. Get Your Focus Off This World

Read: Luke 12:22-34 (hover to read)

Even though the Bible often tells you not to be anxious, if you are like me, you worry more than you want to admit.

As women, we are constantly bombarded with the need to provide good-tasting food for our families, keep them clothed (and nicely too), and we are ever-concerned about the lack of money.

If you are anxious about anything, you head to the fridge or find something crunchy in the cupboards. And, I don’t mean the crunchy-healthy type of food.

You can’t get around shopping for these necessities and to top it off, you must grocery shop once a week because your family consumes almost everything!

Worrying about having enough money to cover the cost of food and clothing is acceptable and we often don’t resort to praying that God supplies our needs.

This passage not only reminds me that God will supply these basic necessities, but it reminds me not to allow any of these 3 things to become idols in my life.

  • It is easy to develop a food addiction. Whether it is chips, chocolate, coffee, granola bars, or carby deserts or foods, we need to ask God to curb these intense desires.
  • Going overboard with clothes. We need clothes for different occasions, yet it is easy to have a shopping addiction.
  • Money becomes an area of marital contention. Enough said!

We can enter into the comparison trap by comparing ourselves to other women and what they are serving or wearing. If this is what you are doing, you just lost the comparison game!

2. Do Not Focus on Your Daily Necessities

Read: Matthew 12: 29-31 (hover to read)

These verses don’t mean it is a sin to learn how to eat to keep your family healthy. We have to eat and searching for delicious healthy recipes is not wrong.

We just shouldn’t be worrying about where the money or food will come from.

Instead of worrying, we should look to our heavenly Father to provide.

We shouldn’t be worrying whether we are going to be getting everything in this world or not. At the end of the day, none of it can be taken to heaven!


  • Because we should have our focus on Heaven!
  • We shouldn’t have our focus on what we are accomplishing in daily life.

You might find these Worry Scripture Memory Cards helpful in releasing worry!

3. Do Not Fear Surrendering ALL to God!

Read: Matthew 12:32-34 (hover to read)

What can you give to God?

Surrender means giving EVERYTHING to God!

You might be thinking that you aren’t ‘rich’ and everything is worn out anyhow.

If you’ve ever been to California and seen a homeless man, you will know how we guard our possessions even if there isn’t much value in them.

The homeless have all their treasured belongings stashed on their bike or cart. It might seem like garbage to you but they are attached to it the same as the rich man who hoarded all his belongings in the new barns he built (Luke 12:18).

Instead of hoarding your belongings, you can give some of them away.

When you put your faith in Christ and not yourself, everything will start to fall into perspective.

Think of where you are going!

Preparing To Go Someplace!

When you go on a road trip, the first thing you pack is your clothes.

You probably will look at the weather app so you bring the right things. You will also find a place to stay, bring the snacks you’ll need for the ride, and bring some money.

You might even have a vacation check-off list!

That is the way we need to live our life on earth. Like we are going someplace.

It will put all our food, clothing, and money addictions and issues into perspective as we realize that this world is not our home.

Do you see the need to get your needs and wants into perspective? I do!

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