Bible Journaling in Ten Minutes a Day

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Ten minutes a day is all you need for Bible journaling when you are a busy mom.

Got Ten Minutes?

Ten minutes is all you need to draw a simple Bible journaling illustration that will help imprint God’s Word in your heart.

I’ll teach you how to create a simple journaling illustration in your Bible or notebook whether you are a beginner or a seasoned journaling artist!

Simple is better. It is less cluttered and easy to fit into your busy day.

It’s Not About Comparisons

Do you compare yourself to more advanced Bible journalers?

Do you get discouraged thinking you will never be that good?

Never compare yourself even though women are wired to compare. We often feel as if we will never be a good enough artist.

The truth is that Bible journaling is not about the art but about the heart.

We are downright hard on ourselves.

I know. I am just like that too!

That is why I am encouraging you to create an illustrated journal about a verse in the Bible in ONLY ten minutes.

Set your timer and get started.

Bible Journaling in Ten Minutes a Day!

Yes! You can!

First of all, start by reading your Bible. I always do my Bible journaling illustration after I have read God’s Word.

I love reading through a book each month (or however long it takes). Reading one chapter a day works the best. It leaves time to copy out a few verses and study the chapter.

Choose a plan that works in your season of life. If your kids are little, give yourself grace.

My suggestion is for you to read one chapter a day.

Copy a verse that spoke to your heart into your notebook or workbook.

If you need simple Bible journaling ideas when you’re not artistic, go here!

Illustrate the verse after searching on Pinterest for inspiration. Set a timer for ten minutes and you’ll have time to make a simple drawing.

Disclaimer: I am sharing my journals during a season when I have the time to read through the Bible a little faster. To be honest, that will stop in a month because I will not have the time. I read slowly and digest all that I read. I don’t want you to compare yourself to me or think I always can read this much. God understands our schedules and would prefer that we seek His face.

The rose and leaves are very simple to create. Place paper over the picture on your device and trace it.

Use a Journaling Bible or Notebook

I like doing my journaling art in a journaling Bible or a notebook.

I even love micro-journaling in one of my tiny Bibles. This works even though it’s not specifically a journaling Bible.

The thought behind journaling in ten minutes is to draw something simple that won’t take more than 10 minutes.

These clusters of flowers are the same as above. The leaves are different and easy to draw.

This is a way to journal without seeing all that blank space on the page. You won’t feel like you can’t draw because you’re intentionally doing a small illustration.

Were you ever held back from getting started on your Bible journal because you didn’t have two free hours?!

I’ve been there, done that!

Culturing a Heart After God’s Heart in Ten Minutes

It is better to spend time drawing close to Jesus through journaling art than not at all.

There is something about expressing yourself with art (or the attempt at art) that (in my humble opinion) I think God loves!

God created the universe and everything in it and He placed creativity in your heart.

Some of us have way more ability than others but there is something to be said about culturing a heart after God, through art.

I would love to share some tips on how to draw closer to Jesus through Bible journaling in ten minutes a day. Here you go!

Use a Pencil or Pen to Doodle

When you watch the video below, you’ll see that even though I drew this journal in less than ten minutes, I used a pencil to doodle.

I think ‘doodling’ is the best word to say since it’s not as intimidating as “artwork!”

Everyone can doodle.

Even YOU!

But . . .  most of us probably feel like we can’t be an artist!

So, sketch and doodle your simple design. Remember that you are DONE when your alarm goes off in ten minutes!

You did set your phone alarm, right?

The joy of using a pencil is that you can erase anything you feel is a mistake. Just remember the goal isn’t perfection. That is God’s job to be a perfectionist.

Grace is your word! Give yourself grace!

Take a colored marker and draw circles. Connect the circles with a black pen. Add leaves.

Coloring Your Creation

Watercolors might work for journaling in ten minutes but I prefer pencil crayons for beginners.

For me, coloring is the fastest and least messy.

I like using Micon Pens or Gel Pens to trace my pencil lines.

When journaling in ten minutes I try to draw faster and not worry about getting it exactly right.

Adding the color makes your doodling pop so it looks pretty.

Suddenly it is beautiful!

Include the Bible Reference

I always read the chapter where the verse is found for my Bible journaling.

My goal is to encourage you to go deeper into God’s word. If you jump to the doodling part you will miss your time with the Lord. Your Bible study will be shallow.

Make sure to include the reference to your Bible verse at the bottom of the page. Later you might want to remember where the verse was found.

When I have forgotten, it takes me longer to locate it on the page in my Bible. When I doodled on a notebook page and forgot the reference, I might never find it.

Including the reference helps you meditate on the verse as you journal.

Share Your Art

Remember how you shared your art in kindergarten? Didn’t that feel good?

Sharing your journaling art as an adult encourages someone else as your art speaks to their heart!

Join our Jesus Journaling community on Facebook and upload your Bible journaling art.

Many women share what they have drawn or painted and encourage each other by doing so. It is a warm community of like-minded Christian women.

I hope to see you there and hope you share your journaling art about a Bible verse that spoke to your heart in ten minutes or less.

Do you feel inspired to create journaling art in ten minutes? What resonated most and was your favorite take-away from this post?

Create your journaling art ‘masterpiece’ in ten minutes!

Watch the video and follow me on YouTube!

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