When Life Gets To You, Pray and Be Thankful

When life gets to you, the last thing we often think of is to pray or be thankful! I know that can be so true about myself! I am usually strategizing and overthinking the issues in my life and ...

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How To Deal with Waiting When Life is Hard

Waiting can be hard when life comes at you from all angles. Do you want solutions? Here are some awesome ways to deal with your problems. I found this Psalm to be very encouraging this ...

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Putting on Strength and Courage in Jesus

We are given a promise from God in Joshua 1:9 that is key to putting on strength and courage in Jesus. When you are weary of your life or have been weary in well-doing for everyone around you, how ...

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Loving God

Loving God is the Most Important Thing

Loving God is the most important thing we could ever do. The Israelites were given the command to love God for the first time in Deuteronomy 6:4 and then again in Mark 12:28-34. We say that we ...

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How To Respond When God Does Not Remove Something Hard from Your Life

How do you respond when God does not remove something hard from your life? Have you prayed and prayed (Psalm 5:3) that God would remove this difficult thing and it is still there? Today we are ...

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Why Writing Out Bible Verses Will Strengthen Your Faith

More than anything, I want to equip you to grow closer to God through the Weariness to Strength Grace Study. Today we are looking at Romans 5:1-11 but we are also going to see why writing out Bible ...

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Life Count

How You Can Make Your Life Count for Christ

The most important question you can ask yourself is; how can I make my life count for Christ?   King Solomon could have been living in the 21st century because he accumulated every ...

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You Won’t Faint if You See the Goodness of the Lord

This month we have been looking at turning weariness into strength. When you become weary of your life, you might feel like you're going to faint. Do you have your coffee and your Bible ready? ...

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Happiness, Joy, And Praising God Even When Life Is Crazy

Happiness, Joy, and praising God seems to evade our thinking when life gets crazy! Even when life is running along smoothly it is easy to totally forget to praise God in the mundane of our lives. ...

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Billy Graham Left an Impact on the World for Christ

Billy Graham passed on February 21st, 2018 and left an impact on the world for Christ. He touched the lives of many ordinary people as well as the lives of 12 presidents of the United States and many ...

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How to Keep Burnout from leading to Idleness

Have you ever done so much that you ended up with burnout? Most women know exactly how doing too much can lead to a total state of exhaustion. There are so many good things to do whether it be ...

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What to Do When You Grow Weary of Well-Doing

Do you sometimes grow weary of well-doing? As women, we are especially prone to wearing ourselves out by tirelessly taking care of our families until we no longer feel like we have an ounce left to ...

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