Have Gratitude

How To Have Gratitude Because God is God

Jesus healed ten lepers but only one returned to show his gratitude. Nine went on with their lives never choosing gratitude but instead demonstrating ingratitude through their lack of thanksgiving....

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forget gratitude

What Happens When You Forget Gratitude?

How easy it is to forget gratitude! Many people don't say "thank you" when something kind has been done for them. Thank you cards are almost a thing of the past. We simply are not a society ...

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Adult Coloring

Why Adult Coloring is Good for You

Who would have thought that there are real reasons why adult coloring is good for you? Coloring is more than just a hobby that's trending all over the blogosphere and capitalized on Amazon! I ...

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Graced Imperfection

INTRODUCING Graced Imperfection Community: A Facebook Group

We Desperately Need Grace! Graced Imperfection totally describes my life and I know that it will resonate with most of you. Grace has taken action in my life in such a way that it has transformed ...

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Being Thankful was a Game-Changer

I would have never thought that being thankful could be a game changer for me. Culturing a thankful heart can change you too!! I was at a crossroad where two choices lay before me. One was to go on ...

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Thankful to God

3 Ways to Be Thankful to God

Any time of the year it is good to be thankful to God. We tend to rush around too much, not slowing our pace long enough to be thankful to God for all that He has done. When we do, we find our ...

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5 Ways to Be Thankful NOT Stressed

Are you too stressed to be thankful? Preparing for a big event or gathering of family and friends can rip that thankful spirit right from under you as you get stressed right out of your mind! It ...

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Thankful Heart

5 Psalms that will Encourage You to have a Thankful Heart

There are 5 Psalms that will encourage you to have a thankful heart when your day gets off to a bad start. When life weighs you down before your feet hit the floor, you can end up feeling more ...

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Is Your Faith Strong When Storms of Life Hit?

It is inevitable that storms of life will hit and toss you about but when that happens, is your faith strong? Digging Deeper: Luke 8:22-25 Key Verse: But He said to them, “Where is your ...

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5 Reasons You Want Gratitude as a Lifestyle

We have so much to be thankful for, yet, our lifestyle causes us to be too rushed to pause and cultivate a heart of gratitude. We have packed so much activity into our schedules that we end up ...

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5 Reasons NOT to Hide Your Light

If you were the keeper of a lonely lighthouse that sat on the rocks of a treacherous seashore, what would happen to the ships if you turned the light off? The Sambro Island Light is a lighthouse ...

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How To Select A Verse for Journaling

Selecting verses for journaling can be the hardest part about getting started with your artistic endeavor, if you are anything like me! I am not really an artist. I am assuming you aren't ...

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