Made By Design, A Biblical Perspective of Women {Book Review}

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I was thrilled when my friend, Rosilind Jukic who blogs over at A Little R and R asked me to review Made by Design, A Biblical Perspective of Women in Ministry and Leadership written by F. Dean Hackett, PhD.

If you know Rosilind as a gifted writer who challenges you to walk with God, you will come away blessed when you read this book that her father wrote.

But who is Dr. Hackett?

Dr. Hackett is the Senior pastor at LIVING FAITH CHURCH, HERMISTON, OREGON. He also writes for his blog at Foundational. He studied Marriage and Family Counseling at IMI Bible College and Seminary


Made By Design - A Biblical Perspective of Women


Whenever I read anything he shares on his blog, I come away challenged and blessed.

His latest book, Made By Design was no exception!

The title of this book totally grabbed my attention and I knew this was a book I desperately needed to read. As a woman, I had been through a situation where some of the teachings I had been under had not been Biblically balanced.

I sat down and started reading early in the morning with the intention of finishing only one chapter. The urgency of everything I needed to accomplish faded as I became absorbed in this engaging book.

Through the years I have read many books directed towards women but Made By Design cleared many questions, confirming the calling I have for my ministry to women.

The enemy loves to distort and discourage us through our ministry and reading this book was exactly what I needed. As I read, it realigned my perspective by reaffirming my calling and passion in my ministry for women.

Dr. Dean clarifies many popular misconceptions about the roles of women in ministry and leadership in the church. Each concept presented in his book was solidly backed by scripture and clearly explained in an easy-to-grasp manner.

As misconceptions were exposed, I could see how I had been misled a few years back. That isn’t where I am now, but in retrospect, it is easier to see more clearly.

What impressed me the most about Made By Design was reading how a woman’s impact in ministry and leadership hinges on the honor, respect, and affirmation she receives from her husband or father.

A woman flourishes when her husband is encouraging like this but a woman is stifled in her ministry when the authority over her (pastor or husband) is out of balance and oppressive.

Dr. Dean gave many examples of women from both the Old and New Testament in such a way that it demonstrates what it means for women in today’s culture.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Made By Design as it timelessly clarifies many issues Christian women currently face in their leadership in American churches and para-ministries.

This is a book that I hope to read again because I found it so encouraging and strengthening in my ministry.

It is the kind of book that I will get more out of each time I read through it.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Made By Design as it timelessly clarifies many issues Christian women currently face in their leadership in American churches and para-ministries.


Will Made By Design Benefit You?


Made By Design - A Biblical Perspective of Women by F. Dean Hackett


Whether your calling is in ministry to women in your church, in the community, or online as mine is, or you are called to serve your family, Made By Design will greatly benefit you. It is a wonderful read full of enriching encouragement.

Dr. Hackett’s years of experience have given him wisdom into the commonly misunderstood role women play in their homes as well as the Christian and secular community.


Make sure to get your copy and start reading it and you will stretch and grow in all that you do for others.


Grab your copy HERE!


Made By Design by Dr. F. Dean Hackett

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