Hymn Story: Glory to the Newborn King by Paul Rausch

 In Loving Memory of Paul A. Rausch : July 7, 1931-September 21, 2013

Brother Paul Rausch was the band director at our church for almost eight years. He was blessed with an incredible amount of energy and love for the Lord that is uncommon in our day. This testimony was shared at his home-going memorial service just four years ago. Mr. Rausch encouraged each band member to pray before playing their brass instruments and use our ability and talent to the glory of God. We all miss him dearly.

Even before I was saved, Christmas always held a very special place in my heart!

Each year as the Christmas season approached, I would meditate on the Christmas story as I carried the water out to the chicken coops on our family’s little farm in the Catskill Mountains of New York. I would gaze out on the snow-covered hillsides and it seemed to me that I could see in my mind’s eye the shepherds with their sheep, and I thought I could almost hear the angels singing as it must have sounded on that very first Christmas, so many years ago.

It was on one such morning that I started to hum a melody that just seemed to flood my soul, and I caught myself singing my thoughts.

Glory to the Newborn King

Out on the hills, I hear the sound, the sound of voices ringing,

Out on the hills, I hear the sound, the sound of angels singing!

As I look back over the years, I think I was probably around the age of twelve when I first sang the words to the melody the Lord had given me, and each year it would float back into my heart, just in time for Christmas.

After I started taking music lessons on the violin, and later the clarinet, I decided I would like to write down the melody and the words, which I did.

But . . . Lo and behold, I had lost the small scrap of paper on which I had written the melody.

I remember being so afraid that I would probably never be able to sing the same words with the same tune again because try as I would, I just could not remember how the melody and the words went together.

Isn’t it wonderful that the Lord doesn’t forget what He has placed in a person’s heart?

As Christmas approached and I was again thinking about the shepherd’s and the angels, I suddenly began singing the familiar words to the very same melody that the Lord had previously given me earlier.

I was overjoyed and ran to the piano, and this time I did not lose the piece of paper with the melody and words carefully written down.

Many years passed, and one day while I was serving the Lord in the Music Department at Prairie Bible Institute.

The Lord reminded me of the scrap of paper.

At the time, I was very much in need of some new Christmas music for the upcoming Christmas Music Night. So, I prayed about it and the Lord impressed upon my mind that I needed to take some special time with Him and His Word and trust Him for the completion of this song.

What a blessed time it was as the Lord flooded my heart with a chorus to fit the melody that He had given me so many years before.

Right out of His Word, verses one, two, and three were written, but the fourth verse just didn’t seem to come along.

I telephoned two other staff members at the institute, Mr. Ray Olsen and Mrs. Evelyn Charter, to see if perhaps they could give me some assistance.

Well, to make a long story short, between the three of us the Lord gave us the fourth verse to the song, “Glory to the Newborn King.”

I cannot praise the Lord enough for a song that He gave a boy on a farm, and for the great salvation that He later gave the same young man at the age of nineteen.  Then to top it off, years of blessings since that time!!

All I can say is . . .

“Glory to the Newborn King.”

You know and I know that the Lord works in wonders to perform!

Newborn King

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  1. That was a bless story I enjoyed it as I am sure all those that heard it did may he rest in peace and may all that miss him be helped by the hands of God

  2. Do you know where his music for Clarinet can be found? I have book 1 of Sacred Solos for Clarinet and Piano, and would surely like the second and others.

  3. Do you know where his music for Clarinet can be found? I have book 1 of Sacred Solos for Clarinet and Piano, and would surely like the second and others. Is his Christmas music available? Does he have music for violins (for a missionary friend)? Thank you!

  4. Thanks for sharing this story. I was a student at Prairie when Mr. Rausch published and performed this Christmas song. I’m grateful I had the opportunity to enjoy several music nights he and other staff put together.

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