5 Habits to Be a Warrior Woman in the New Year

Are you a warrior woman? These are good habits to learn any time of the year!

Habits to Be a Warrior Woman in the New Year

At the end of each year, I am in the habit of reflecting over the past 12 months as I prepare to thoughtfully and prayerfully enter the new year.

How do you enter the new year?

Do you thoughtlessly party-away the last hours and minutes as time counts backward into the year ahead?

Each moment in your life is a very serious matter that you will one day have to give an account to God as to how you lived.

As we enter a brand new year, I want to inspire you to embrace 5 grace-filled habits as a warrior-woman of God. These habits will equip you to rise above the hard and difficult and to walk worthy of God’s calling on your life with courage and strength this coming year.

1. Your Morning Routine

What does your morning routine look like?

Your morning routine, or lack of it, is what will enable or derail you from heading in the right direction in this new year.

I know this is an area that I need to work on. I am totally imperfect and have noticed that I am wasting a lot of time each morning. There are many little things that can take me down rabbit trails and derail me from being efficient with my time.

  • Checking messages on my phone in bed! Reading and answering each of those messages takes up time that should be saved for later!
  • Scrolling Facebook on my phone in bed! Do we scroll social media and neglect prayer?

There are many little rabbit trails I can wander down first thing in the morning that keeps me from starting my day off with Jesus.

I was wondering if you are struggling in the same area?

I would like to invite you to become a warrior woman who is willing to culture habits this coming year that will draw you closer to Jesus.

Why a warrior-woman?

Because we have an adversary who prowls around like a roaring lion seeking whom he will devour! (1 Peter 5:8)

We are at war!

I am not Wonder Woman and neither are you!

We are imperfect, battling our degenerating habits and need for exercise (and I am not talking about physical exercise).

That is why we need to be a warrior woman instead of Wonder Woman.

We need to fight to do these 5 habits on our knees like never before!

2. The Habit of Reading Your Bible

The first habit for the new year will be the habit of reading your Bible.

Each month there will be a new Bible Reading Plan for the month that you can download for FREE. You won’t have to subscribe to my newsletter unless you’d like. It will be available right here on the blog!


John Bible Reading Plan

I will be encouraging you to read your Bible before you go on Facebook or any other social media platform.

I want to encourage you to culture the habit of making Bible reading a top priority of your day!

3. The Habit of Hand-Writing Scripture

I have been hand-writing out one or more verses during my Quiet Time for many years. Sometimes it is every single day and other times it is more sporadic.

I am imperfect and constantly in need of giving myself grace!

I’d love you to join me this year in writing out Scripture.

I will be copying out the verses in the Daily Reading Plan for each month. You may copy them out with me or do this with whatever plan you are following.

Let me know if you are “IN” with me!!

4. The Habit of  Prayer

I have the feeling that we are living in an era where most of us ladies are neglecting prayer.

Satan knows he probably can’t stop you from following the Lord Jesus but if he can distract you, he has accomplished his purpose!

I think social media is keeping people from their Bible reading and prayer early in the morning. Once your day is off to a fast-paced start, it is difficult if not impossible to slow your pace and have your Quiet Time.

It is a FIGHT and I’d LOVE you to join me in facing it on our knees this coming year!

5. The Habit of Journaling

Whether you get one of my journaling workbooks or a set up a journal in a 4-ring binder or spiral binder, the habit of journaling will be so rewarding.

It is a tool that will help you draw closer to Jesus. That is our aim!

In this journal, I want you to record your journey with Jesus in the coming year.

If you are “IN” with me, you will record:

  • Where you are reading!
  • Write out your verse(s) of Scripture!
  • Your prayer list and answers!
  • What you observed from the passage that you studied!
  • Your illustrations for a verse from the passage! (stick figures are fine!)

I have been using the journaling method for years and loving it as I grew closer to Jesus. These are habits that will bless you over and over this coming year!

What habit would you add to this list? What is the habit(s) above that you are weak in and need strengthening?

Jael is the courageous woman who killed Sisera by hammering a tent nail through his temple in Judges 5:24-31. Her example of courage reminds us to be brave when facing a challenging situation.

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