4 Tips for Avoiding A Mommy Meltdown in the Kitchen

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Avoiding a mommy meltdown in the kitchen is a big struggle

because kids need to eat breakfast, lunch, and supper.

Here are 4 amazing tips!


Once you leave the kitchen, it seems like minutes and you have to be back preparing the next meal for your kids.

Did I forget to mention that your husband will be starving if you don’t get meals on the table?


4 Tips for Avoiding A Mommy Meltdown in the Kitchen


If you’re like me, meal preparations in the kitchen are huge at your house. It doesn’t mean you like to cook. It just has to be done!

Overwhelm is real when it comes to what needs to be done in the kitchen. Having a meltdown at 5 pm because you have no idea what to cook happens.

And then there are your kids who get whiny just when you’re trying to cook.

Just a simple question like, “When’s supper?” can tip you over-the-edge.

I have a plan that will give you the solution to avoid a mommy meltdown on most days. It’s to have a plan and set these 4 tips in motion!


1. Getting A Kitchen Meal Plan Written Down!


The kitchen is where I struggle the most. I get overwhelmed so easily and I’m constantly planning out the day’s meals in my head.

Even though I have a FREE Clean Eating Printable Pack, I often didn’t have the time to get what needs to happen in the kitchen under control.

Nothing is worse than not having a plan to follow when it comes to meals. When 5 o’clock rolls around and nothing is thawed and you have no idea what to give your kids to eat besides cereal it is a real recipe for disaster!

When you are frantically rummaging through the fridge and your kids are bickering, you won’t manage the chaos with calm. Ask me why I know.

I have learned all my wisdom from major fails in my life and not because I was born with a plan.

If you think you have no time to put together a list of favorite meals for your family and a grocery list of ingredients, you will end up in a crazy spot without a plan.

That’s why I put together some printables for you as a gift from me.

You can get them below.

That way you can plan out a week of meals and calmly cruise through dinner time. When your family is young and growing, it is the most important time not to be overwhelmed and end up in a meltdown!


2. Getting Breakfast for the Kids Before Noon!


4 Tips for Avoiding a Mommy Meltdown in the Kitchen


Cranky kids get crankier when they are hungry. I can go a long time without eating breakfast but that would never have worked for my kids.

I had breakfast on the table by 7 am and it wasn’t cereal filled with sugar!

I took the time to cook an egg breakfast or some other nutritious meal that held them through most of the morning. They didn’t always appreciate nutrition over other choices but they were hardly ever sick.

My life with kids was challenging and often hard. It’s not at all that everything was perfect and ran smoothly. Even with all these wonderful tips, we are all sinful and life is life.

Whenever things didn’t go smoothly and I was running late for breakfast, the baby or toddler (or older kids for that matter) have a way of unraveling and having their own meltdown.

It is such a struggle not to have to join in and have a group-meltdown.

Through having kids I learned not to justify my own meltdown because my child was stressing me. No matter how stressful a situation, Jesus is there and can be so real.


I have set the Lord always before me; because he is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken. Psalm 16:8


3.Getting Supper Before Six!


Why on earth would you want to get up before six? Wouldn’t sleeping in be the answer?

Probably not.

BUT . . .

If you have health issues or legitimate fatigue issues seek help or a diet to make the best of a bad situation. You are unique and made perfect by God and may have reasons getting up before six won’t work. Give yourself grace.

If you are just not getting up because you stayed up too late, start working to change your body clock. In time you will.

Here’s the reason.

Because when you get up earlier than your kids, you can spend time with Jesus and maybe even workout for 15 minutes to get your day going.

You would not believe how much spending time with Jesus and a short workout will help prevent overwhelm and meltdowns.

I have done a workout since my kids were very little. I will be the first to admit it was hard to fit in and sometimes didn’t happen for a month.

If I was giving advice to my younger self, I would stress how important it is to fit a workout into my day instead of starting my day off with my social outlets.


Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act. Psalm 37:5


What does this have to do with getting supper on before six in the evening?

One of the reasons you might be running late is because you got up too late. Your whole day is running behind from the moment you got up.

Get your day going with a Morning Routine, plan your family menu on Friday before grocery shopping, then set your alarm for 30-45 minutes before supper. This will give you plenty of time to prepare a wonderful family-friendly meal.

You will walk into the kitchen totally ready to get supper going. No overwhelm because you know what you’re doing.

No overwhelm.

No mommy meltdown because you have a kitchen plan for the week!

4. Getting Over Kitchen Meltdowns!




You can greatly decrease your overwhelm as you start to implement these suggestions and internalize them into your heart.

The key isn’t how perfect a mom you become in the process. If it was possible to do mom-life perfectly you might end up filled with pride at how good you are doing.

Instead, it is about looking to Jesus even when you live your mom-life imperfectly and leaning on His strength to avoid mommy meltdowns.

It’s about laying down your life for your kids and praying for their salvation. It is about being an example of Christ living IN and THROUGH you.


Having a mommy meltdown (if I was the perfect mom) never ought to happen but I am not there yet. In order for you and I to rise above the chaos in our homes and live for Jesus, we need to first admit that we are imperfect so that Jesus can bring calm to our hearts and minds. Of course, I would never want to admit that I ever had a mommy meltdown and that it was only ever my kids. The biggest reason Jesus gave me kids is so I could see mySELF exactly as I am and learn to walk with Jesus’ kind arms upholding me through the overwhelm that seems inevitable while raising kids.


Do you have mommy meltdowns in the kitchen? How has this challenged you to depend more on Jesus?


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