How To Handle Interruptions in Your Quiet Time Routine

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How To Handle Interruptions in Your Quiet Time Routine

Interruptions can break your routine and it is difficult to handle them with grace, especially when it happens during your Quiet Time!

I have not handled routine breakers with grace much of the time but I have learned enough to share some tips.

Interruptions are Routine Breakers!

If you have been reading my blog for long, you might know that I raised seven children.

A large family caused me to develop a routine. I did say routine and not schedule. I always found it impossible to be on a schedule!

Everything was ‘good’ until there was an interruption and then my day, let alone my routine would get thrown off kilter.

Routine breakers caused me to . . .

  • Stress!
  • BE Irritable!
  • Force the routine!
  • BE emotional!

But NOTHING was worse than when the interruption caused me to miss my Quiet Time!

Routine Breakers and a Missed Quiet Time!

There is nothing more ‘holy’ than wanting my Quiet Time so badly that I ‘lose it’ when I miss it! Right?

I love the Lord and covet my alone time with Jesus. Alone time was almost non-existent while my kiddos were little.

Being alone meant that I was sitting at the kitchen table in the early morning. That meant I would be available should any of my babies wake up.

You might be in a season where getting up very early is not possible because you were up all night.

Give yourself grace!

Ask the Lord to help you give grace to those who caused your routine to be changed.

Avoiding Unnecessary Interruptions!

When you sit down to have your Quiet Time, do you turn off your devices?

The danger with reading your Bible on your phone or tablet is that you will be distracted with notifications.

Although it is nice to use online commentaries or read your Bible through an app, reading on an electronic device has its downside.

Your Facebook friends can wait to hear back from you!

Even teenagers can learn to respect their mom’s time with Jesus unless of course, they are bleeding! It is good for them to see you being faithful in spending time with the Lord.

How To Handle Interruptions in Your Quiet Time

At 6am my phone rang and it was my husband. I knew if he was calling that early in the morning there was something wrong because he normally would text.

How To Handle Interruptions in Your Quiet Time Routine

He hit a deer while driving to work and it landed on the hood and flew over the roof of his commuter car!

There is nothing quite like having a major interruption at the start of the day! It is important to put your family before your routine and drop everything!

But when it comes to missing your time with Jesus, how should you handle it?

It always helps to get up a little earlier, but give yourself grace if there was a legit reason you needed the extra time in bed.

Learn to operate on grace!

It can be stressful when something interrupts your Quiet Time. Spending time with Jesus is the life-line to your day.

An interruption can cause your whole day to be like dominoes falling over so that nothing gets done at all!

When you miss your Quiet Time:

  • Start your day over!
  • Make your coffee yet again!
  • Sit down with Jesus!
  • REST in His presence!

If your children take naps, grab your Bible and coffee during naptime. Forget the other things that you need to do.

Everything will look better with Jesus in your day. You might be surprised at how much more you get done by honoring the Lord.

If your children are beyond naptime, include them and read your Bible aloud to them. I used to do this!

Some days just totally unravel and that is OK. Give yourself grace because there is always tomorrow!

If all else fails, put on some praise music and worship Jesus!

Does this resonate with you?  How did this speak to your heart, I’d love to hear in the comments!


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